The Change, by Pedro Fellini

I’ve given myself some time to read stories, these last few days. I used to read, and frequently. Then I allowed change to remove me from one of my favorite activities. No more. There are special people in our community that are compelled to tell their stories, and I want them to. I admire them for it. They can’t help themselves any more than I can. We see these people in our minds, and they are doing fascinating things; we want to tell you about those events.

The first thing that attracted me to this story is the fact that Pedro Fellini wrote it. A fellow alumnus from, Pedro had been reading my blog (the first one, the one Shrinking Violet started) for some time. I checked out his blog from time to time, and one of those times I saw that he had published a story. Oh, crap. I’m not giving you a review. I’m giving you a timeline of events, and who gives a damn about that? Bear with me. This reviewing thing is new to me. I did it once for a local newspaper, but that was for children’s books. A different game.

Now, the review, for crying out loud. It’s not a story about gentleness, or love. It falls under the jurisdiction of extreme cruelty. I was cheated by the sweet beginning, a description of a recently shrunken man that wakes up, is surprised by his new, diminutive size, and proceeds to explore his surroundings. It sounds hot, doesn’t it? Extremely hot. I could have read those descriptions forever, but then Pedro shows up, and he’s wielding a knife (figuratively, as a writer). I took a deep breath, and kept on reading. I only kept on reading because Pedro painted a fascinating world, and people in it that take an extremely drastic choice. I’ve thought about that choice before. I wonder if it would make the world a better place. Maybe it would.

The Choice used that question in my mind to hook me, so I read on. I read on despite the flips my stomach took, and the times I grimaced at what was taking place on the bloody pages. If you enjoy the story of a shrunken man, and the extremely violent behavior of the women that have now become his world; if you like graphic depictions of shocking, lethal behavior; if you like a good tale of revenge… you know what to do.

I think it’s splendid that one can also get the audio book. No one’s paying me to say that, by the way. But who wouldn’t like a favorite audio book read to them?

These are the people in Pedro Fellini‘s mind.

The Change

[UPDATE] One can now get the audio book download for free here:

Thank you, Pedro!

3 thoughts on “The Change, by Pedro Fellini

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    1. It was my pleasure. Sort of. :P

      The audio file asked for a third-party app at first, but once I downloaded the 58MB, it played fine on my iTunes. The lady’s voice is perfectly lovely, although I secretly wish the voice had been male.

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  1. It’s a pain it wouldn’t just play straightforwardly, but I’m glad the download worked. I’m just keen that no one goes and buys it unnecessarily when they can have it for free. :-)

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