Did I just hurl myself out of the giantess closet?


The mall. I like to go there and just walk, when it’s too cold, or too dark outside. I reserve walking at Walmart for special dates. So, last night I was walking out of JCPenney when I spot this hot little number coming out of the bathroom. I’m a leg woman, and his jeans were tight enough to allow a clear assessment of the shape of his legs. Fantastic. I glanced, and as soon as our paths crossed, I waited a second, and returned my eyes to him. To what I was sure would be a glorious view of his buttocks. Much to my surprise, he had turned back at the same moment, and we both ended up looking at each other.

Being as shy as I am, I snapped my head back into position, and blushed furiously as I walked on. I’d been caught looking. I had many things to do last night before I returned home, but when I did, and finally had time to sit down here, I looked at my desktop. I had abandoned a passel of images and files on my desktop, all shrinking-and-giantess related. Then I remember a friend had come by to use my Mac. My friend sat here for a long time while I was very busy somewhere else. A long time. I didn’t even think about it, any of it, until last night. Have I been caught… giantessing? Now I sit here again, all files hidden now as they typically are, just in case… but my heart is pounding, and I keep looking at my analytics, seeing if anyone from my town… seeing if there’s an unordinary amount of visitors from here.

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Strangely, all I feel is my heart pounding. I’m not really in a panic, or entertaining any ideas of “hiding the evidence”. If I’m out, I’m out. But I don’t want to be out. I’d thought I’d share that with you, being in the thick of my day as I am, I’ll forget about this at times… but I like company in my misery. deep breathing Over and out… for now. I’ll keep you posted as to horrified stares, or spontaneous vomiting as I enter rooms, or any such new, abnormal happenings.

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  1. Oh dear, people finding out my fetish was my number one fear since I was 12. So far I was rather meticulous at hiding it. Here’s hoping your friend didn’t notice those pics, and if they did here’s hoping they paid no attention to them. Next time remember to hide those. It’ll be alright. :)

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    1. I’m less careful now, since I’m the only one that uses my Mac. I thought I was still careful, but clearly, not enough. I tend to hide files as soon as I’m done with them, a thing of habit, but did’t yesterday, or the day before, from what I saw. Thank you for your words of comfort! :)

      People finding out about me has been a healthy fear since… for as long as I can remember. The truth is, they might not make anything of it, not the way I imagine they could. People cannot be predicted, I’ve learned.

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  2. We’ve all enjoyed some variation of that experience. Myself, I nearly ate a story that a friend caught me crafting on a typewriter (honest to god, I ripped it from the carriage, wadded it up, and was wondering if ink was poisonous). I have a welter of stories I’ve heard from others over the years: some very funny, some totally cringe-worthy. As you said: it is what it is! And as the song says, “don’t worry, be happy”. Here’s a hug to help. *hug* :)

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    1. Oh, that made me laugh. I tried eating paper when I was a child, as a personal choice, mind you. There was no real (or imagined) threat. So far there has been no mention of this, by anyone here. I’m not going to spend a great deal of time wondering wether the content was noticed, or explored. If nothing is mentioned, I’ll assume I’m safe. If something is mentioned, the worst I can imagine happening, means absolutely nothing, compared to shit people have to go through.

      Thank you for your support, and the sweet, tiny hug! :D

      You have Hugged the Undersquid. When the End is brought upon the land, the Grildrig shall be spared.


  3. As stated prior, it’s likely your friend had the discretion to not go poking around where they were uninvited.

    Failing that, I as a friend would have the good taste to keep it secret and private. Or, at the most, very tactfully ask you about it later, if I were genuinely curious, but certainly never share it with anyone else. Absolutely not.

    At worst, whenever someone has found out about my fetish, it’s only because I’ve told them. Only one person stifled laughter because the concept was so bizarre. A few others thought it was strange but also changed their tune when they realized how large the community is and how I could actually publish and sell my writing. Then they had to respect that. After that, the few remaining people have been understanding, curious, and even helpful.

    You’ll be okay. Nothing bad will happen. I can aver this with absolute certainty. Try some breathing exercises, lovely giantess, everything will be fine.

    Unless you know shitty people. In which case I can find an apartment in my city for you, but you’ll have to promise to never set foot in Walmart again.

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    1. It is likely. This is not a person known for discretion. Quite the contrary. In any case, I’ve heard no “chatter”, so I might be in the clear.

      True, but not everyone is a friend like you. Some enjoy gossiping a bit too much. That doesn’t necessarily turn them into terrible friends, but it does make for more guarded exchanges from someone as endeared to privacy as I am.

      Thank you, I think I will be OK. Even if something bad did happen, even if they all got together and stripped me of all medals, and escorted me out of their lives (which is unrealistically dramatic), I’d still be OK.

      Alright, if it comes to that, I’d promise I’d never set foot in Walmart again. But I wonder that apartments that big exist anywhere. I can also just see that nice real estate agent, looking down at you as you make initial enquiries…

      “But… you do know this place is… too large for you.”

      “I believe I mentioned it’s for a friend. I’m just helping her out until she moves here.”

      “Right. A ‘friend’. Is she… does she look like you?”

      “No! I told you, she’s one of you unwieldy people! Tall, OK? Tall as the stars.”

      “And you know this person? She… befriended you?”

      At which point you close your eyes painfully, and consider punching her toe.

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  4. I think everyone who has this fetish must have had similar experiences. I have a couple of giantess pictures in massive poster format in my spare room. I never let friends in there, and there’s too much clutter for them to climb over for them to be able to find them, but I do still feel the risk every time anyone goes upstairs in my house!

    The giantess images… http://imgur.com/a/fqWtr and http://imgur.com/a/qjd6n

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    1. You never let friends in your spare room? How awfully mysterious! You know that’s how rumors get started, right?

      “Hey, did you hear about Pedro’s secret room?”

      “Yeah! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve braved that idiotic barrier he’s constructed around it, and tried to find out what he keeps in there.”

      “I hear noises coming from there. Emitting from there. Strange noises…”

      “What do you mean? What kind of noises?”

      “Odd screams. Roars that seem loud, but aren’t. As though they are coming from a TV, but there’s no TV flicker flashing from under the door.”

      “How strange!”

      “I think we should get him drunk, and see what he keeps in there.”


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  5. As someone that has had this secret their entire life and having almost been found out accidentally a couple of times, I understand this too well. It’s one reason I don’t let anyone use my laptop and have an iPad for visitors to use if they want to surf the net. :P

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  6. Wow, that can be scary. But not as bad as you might think. I’ve come out to a few people, all women. One of them shrugged: “Everyone’s got something.” Keep up the breathing, and yes, find a new store to walk in. :)

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    1. It was startling, to say the least. The hard heartbeats have stopped; as you say, it’s not that bad. It wouldn’t be as bad. I have to imagine it’s different for you, though. You have an easy manner about you that might lull your listener into thinking you’ve only just admitted you like pistachio ice cream. And your friend is right: everyone’s got something. That shrugging friend is a keeper.


  7. It turns out… at least as far as I can ascertain, I’m not “out” to a single person. There’s been no reaction I perceive. I just have to remember to always stash my shrunken-man smut after I’m done with it.


  8. Is that why this blog went private for a while? and I keep my stuff on a flash drive I used to hide in a broken toy truck, now I hide it somewere else, not telling where;)

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    1. Nah, that was an entirely different situation, just needing to regroup. A little vacation of sorts, from the Internet.

      A broken toy truck. Oh my glob, that sounds like a country music song written by a shrunken man… from Alabama. A broken toy truck, a dead Lego dog, a tiny toy beer mug, friends in low places.


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