Two Words – the Twitter Edition – Part 1

How it happened… Some days ago I was all, "hey, Twitter, help out a giantess. I need one or more of you to give me two words for my Two Words blogging gimmick! Yes?" And Twitter was all, "OK." The first volunteer, chef to the Stars and producer of action-figure pron Nat Edgecomb, offered the... Continue Reading →


How it happened... I was online yesterday, moving back and forth from working on something, to Twitter. My keen, giant eyes spotted something Giantess Tina tweeted: the image posted above. Legs. Did I ever mention to you the way I feel about male legs? Legs that look like those? Y'all have your favorite body parts. Mine... Continue Reading →

Something from Nothing, by Pedro Fellini

The best stories are the ones that change us. You remember some from your childhood, I’m sure. Tales that shaped your mind, instructed your understanding of the world, and guided your absorption of language as a tool to make yourself known as a sentient being to those closest to you, but most importantly, to yourself.... Continue Reading →

Help me…

The day was warm, and from every corner of the city park, boiled over the sound of children playing. Every few seconds a mother’s voice would call one or more of them to order, and a father’s instructions would bring a kite higher, an RC car farther, a monkey bar closer. Everyone was happy. Everyone... Continue Reading →

Tiny Commando – 2 Tiny 2 Furious – 1 & 2

Tiny Commando Ep.2 - 2 Tiny 2 Furious A few days ago I was chillaxing and Twitting, when world-famous TV host and Hollywood star pocketsized man twitted a link for Tiny Commando, 2 Tiny 2 Furious, episode 1. As I'd been out of the giantess loop for years, I'd not heard of it. Naturally I shrieked... Continue Reading →

Shoes for a Giantess – Kermit Tesoro & Sebastian Errazuriz

I have more shoes than I can ever possibly wear at the same time. Owning so many pairs of shoes causes me to examine my role in a corporation-run world pullulated by people that daily buy junk they don’t need. I only need one pair of shoes, right? None, if I ever manage to grow... Continue Reading →

Tiny Commando – Piece of Cake – 1 & 2

Tiny Commando Ep.1 Piece Of Cake (Part 1) Tiny Commando Ep.1 - Piece Of Cake (Part 2) I'm loving this series. I'm considering pinching myself, to see if I wake up. I can't believe it's real! I can't believe people out there are creating shorts in which the main character is a shrunken man, and... Continue Reading →

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