Tiny Commando – Piece of Cake – 1 & 2

Tiny Commando Ep.1 Piece Of Cake (Part 1)

Tiny Commando Ep.1 – Piece Of Cake (Part 2)

I’m loving this series. I’m considering pinching myself, to see if I wake up. I can’t believe it’s real! I can’t believe people out there are creating shorts in which the main character is a shrunken man, and that little guy is found desirable by much larger women. Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for the world to catch up with me? And it’s finally happening. The mind seeds have been sown; now all we have to wait is for giantesses to sprout, and emerge in numbers heretofore unseen. My numbers will grow, little ones. Take heed. Take precautions. Take cover.

I haven’t quite figured out the exact number of Tiny Commando episodes, but there are at least six I found this morning. I now have three. These two, if you haven’t watched the series, have content that matches what I’ve imagined for many years: the infiltration of the home of a normal-sized woman, by a shrunken man. In my mind, that action has the purpose of reconnoitering a target’s territory; study her weaknesses, preferences, habits; then, conquer said target. The act of seducing a woman “even though” a man only measures two inches in height, is more appealing than I can possibly describe without babbling, stuttering, and reducing myself down to the level of a mindless idiot.

There’s no such directness in these videos, but that little guy makes conquests. How can he help it? He’s hot, he’s shrunken, but I repeat myself. Enjoy.

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  1. I read (and tweeted) and article earlier about the giantess fetish, in which PornHub said that searches for giantess porn had increased over 1,000% across 2015 (the article was a year old). If that trend continues, I wonder if we can expect more shorts like this.

    Fingers crossed!

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    1. I just saw it, and read it. As you can imagine, I can relate to almost nothing mentioned in the article. Sadly, the proliferation of giantess porn in itself means next to nothing for someone like me, and my needs.

      Happily, I do believe that it snowballs, and the trend begets offshoots, which I’m currently enjoying. But I’m still waiting for the day I go to PornHub, conduct a search for “shrunken man takes a shower in the dollhouse” and get at least thirty-five hits. And they’re all hot.

      Giant fingers and toes crossed!

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      1. I can imagine that most of it fails to hit the spot for you. To be honest I feel the same about 90% of it, but that 10% is pretty woop.

        Maybe this is another reason for all men to be shrunk. The porn would then automatically be about the tiny guys. But then you probably wouldn’t need porn when you can grab any man you choose.

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        1. Well… does a man that can seduce any woman stop watching porn? :D

          If all men were shrunk as they are in that [often] wonderful world of yours, I’d love to be able to grab any. I would’t. After I’m done rescuing every single male member of my family, I’d probably go see if that guy that works at my local Family Video is OK. He does’t wear a ring, and though he’s too cute to be single, he might need my selfless assistance.

          After I’m through with that, it will be time to travel. I might get lucky, and find someone actually happy to see me.

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            1. Oh, I’m not waiting for universal shrinking. I’ll travel before that takes place (though if The Shrinking happens tomorrow, I’m not going to complain).

              I’m only saying that I know where some of you live. And those of you that will be rendered 100% helpless by The Shrinking because you don’t already have a giantess of your own… well, some of those lovely gentlemen might soon find themselves in a cushy traveling case.

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                    1. “I want”? Who said I wanted a collection? But as it’s become abundantly clear, what I want doesn’t have a single damn thing to do with what I get.

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  2. *Studies the blueprint of Undersquid’s house, which he hastily hides as a shadow fell over him* Oh, you’re here! Well, another great post. Infiltrate a normal-sized woman’s house? Who would do such a thing? You know the amount of planning I did, errr, I mean, one would have to do for such a maneuver? And the inherent risks?! Well, anyway, great post and if you see any tiny movements out of the corner of your eye, well, it’s probably just a shadow!

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    1. Thank you. The amount of planning is part of the romantic notion. The danger only adds to the final emotional impact and payoff, upon discovery. And that discovery is always planned. I should really write that story, at some point. I’ve thought about it for many years now, have made notes, have plotted it out in my mind… I should get to it, before we all die.

      The awesome magnificent most wonderful fantastic thing about chronic insomnia, is that after a few days, the hallucinations begin. Mostly auditory in my case, but occasionally I have seen a tiny shadow out of the corner of my eye. Such a small thing is almost worth the mental havoc lack of sleep occasions.

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        1. Nah, you’re safe with me. Probably much to your chagrin, no matter what you claim.

          I’m not sure there’s a story to go with my insomnia… wait… wait. Wow. Yes, there is. How did I not think of it before? This. Is. Great. Thank you, H!

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  3. Sadly, you have seen the best of the “Tiny Commando” series. The final installments feature few women. Nice idea, though, huh? I like that woman in the first story episode two. The one who asks Commando out for a drink. (I play that scene a lot. I wore a hole in my monitor.) I even Tweeted Ed Helms to produce more. Can you believe it? I didn’t hear from him. Pfffffttttttt. Why didn’t he call me? I would have saved him so much money ! Of course, here at Pocket studios I have several productions in development. This is an amazing, amazing studio. The best people. The best. Fantastic people. If you’re interested. I can arrange a screen test. Beware the casting couch, though. Seriously. It’s from Ikea and it wobbles.

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    1. I am The Undersquid. The Undersquid does not do “screen tests”. The Undersquid does not audition. The Undersquid simply arrives, and takes over everything. :)

      Actually, a video starring a shrunken man in the company of regular-sized men does not bother me one bit. Not at all.

      I can’t wait to hear more about your Pocket studios, and any developments on all various fake projects of yours! ;)


  4. I have in development a “Magic Mike 3: Mini Magic.” Great script. Tremendous! Magic Mike gets shrunk to 6 inches tall after drinking a tainted White Russian after a performance. He still wants to be a stripper, even in a world where a dollar bill tucked into his speedo could castrate him. You see — the basic element of drama: conflict! I got several roles in mind for you. Have your people call my people.

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    1. See, that’s why I wish you really existed. Everything you just described should be a real movie. I should be in that movie. I would pay good money for that movie. I will have my tentacles call on your people. Mountains will be moved.


      1. Wait…. I don’t really exist? Yes, Undersquid, there is a pocketsized man. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no pocketsized man. It would be as dreary as if there were no Undersquids. There would be no womanlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The eternal light with which womanhood fills the world would be extinguished….No pocketsized man! Thank God! he lives, and he lives forever. A thousand years from now, Undersquid, nay, ten times ten thousand years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of womanhood.

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        1. That was quite beautiful. I’m glad pocketsized man exists, then. I’m glad love, generosity, and devotion exist in him, as they can only be found elsewhere with great difficulty, if at all. They do not abound.

          I will consider myself equally blessed if pocketsized man continues to make glad the heart of womanhood a day from now, as if he would a million years from now.


  5. I keep watching the Piece of Cake part 2 about 2:25 in, when the business woman approaches him and leans in close asking to meet up to “debrief”. I would have rather her just grabbed him up when he went off on a tangent, saying something to the effect, “I wasn’t asking, now let’s go debrief.” and walks off with him. End scene. ;) My idea of debriefing may be a bit more literal. *^_^*

    plural noun: briefs

    close-fitting legless underpants that are cut so as to cover the body to the waist, in contrast to a bikini.

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  6. Indeed it is, more literal. Maybe your people should contact pocketsized man’s people at Pocket Studios, and you can write a proper script, so the right version can get made.

    Yes, in my head she grabs him, and some sort of debriefing takes place off camera.

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