Tiny Commando – 2 Tiny 2 Furious – 1 & 2

Tiny Commando Ep.2 – 2 Tiny 2 Furious

A few days ago I was chillaxing and Twitting, when world-famous TV host and Hollywood star pocketsized man twitted a link for Tiny Commando, 2 Tiny 2 Furious, episode 1. As I’d been out of the giantess loop for years, I’d not heard of it. Naturally I shrieked with delight as I watched it, and was shocked to see there were more episodes.

They can’t be found on youtube, but I’m saving the videos anyway. If the link above ever fails, I don’t want to be left in the lurch here, with a broken blog entry, as I find many other posts now, and only because I figured youtube accounts and videos last forever. Wrong.

I watched every season of Chuck, despite the fact that during the first two I found Zachary Levi’s constantly gaping mouth painfully irritating. He now looks older, his mouth is shut at the appropriate moments, and he plays a wonderful shrunken man. I’d happily put him up in a dollhouse, no rent payments necessary.

And here, just between you and me, when I was little, I was never gifted toy cars, because I was a girl. I loved them, and it pained me that I couldn’t order Santa to gift me any. No matter what I wrote (I also asked for guns and explosives), I invariably received cooking sets, female dolls, etc. Dear readers, I had to steal my first toy car. It shames me to admit it, but I remember that moment very vividly in my mind. I knew it was wrong, but I had to have that little car, just so I could play with it, while imagining the tiny driver inside. You don’t blame me, do you?

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  1. Nice and pretty funny. Of course the bad girl wears a skirt and is interested in him. “Just um, come closer when you talk to me please.” I can hear him say. ;) OH well, won’t happen, but I like to imagine!

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    1. It is nice! More than nice, in my book. It really got my juices going. His attitude is perfect for what I envision in my little guy. He’s sure of himself, and every once in a while I imagine he goes through the world as though it belongs to him, even though he’s only two inches tall. Self-assurance is so attractive.


  2. I, uh… Sept. 9, huh? I promise I did not know of this when I wrote my flash fiction of a similar, but not exact, title.

    Still. Good news, that #shrinkfantasy is spreading. This, Cracked TV, then Matt Damon next year… this is good news. I’d better get some more short stories up for sale.

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    1. Can this similar-but-not-exact flash fiction be found in your blog?

      I’m very surprised to see so much new material that appeals to my side of the fence. That Matt Damon movie… just to think of it makes my brain water, and my ears lick.

      It looks like I might have to pioneer the audio book niche. I can’t believe no one’s hitting that market yet. But what the hell do I know? Size audio books might not sell at all… or would they…

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      1. Oh, you know it already, you liked it.

        It really does seem like a new wave is rising, and we’ve got to scramble to be ready for it. Droves and droves of new audience will be looking to slake their heretofore unknown and unaddressed thirst, and we are the full bar of 70 craft beers. At the very least, I’d better get two more titles up and online for sale.

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        1. Of course! I always focus on the title of what I read last. Then I forget it first, though I don’t forget the story.

          I’m scrambling! I’m scrambling!

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    1. Exactly. THAT’s what gets me about it, and not only that, but they take it to the right point beyond, and make the little guy instantly popular with most of the characters involved.

      “Oh, yeah! That guy is funny, and cool! Let’s fawn all over him, and not because of his size.” Love it.


    1. Thank you. No, not a car thief. A toy thief. There’s a world of difference. A world.

      I didn’t actually steal that toy car from a store (I have never shoplifted in my life), but from a boy relative. I eventually returned it, but reluctantly. If, in fact, there had been a tiny driver that suddenly appeared as I played with the car, I would have braved hell on earth, and never returned the toy.

      If I were you, I wouldn’t worry. Concern does not affect your fate in any way, once it’s sealed.

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