Craigslist: Lost and found


I’m actually worried about him.

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  1. I’m glad you’re having a good time. :-) Three questions though:

    Are you actually posting these?

    Are you leaving them up?

    Have you received any responses?

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    1. That’s a nice idea. I’ll have to make note of that for future reference, on which you’ll be adequately bibliographied, notated, credited, and appendixed.


    1. “T-Rex”! LOLOL How did I not see that. Clever little you. That’s such a giant name for a tiny fellow. I like it.

      I do to! If sent such email response, I would publish such email response here.


    1. Hi Toyfriend,

      Oh, that silly Canadian lady isn’t me. I’m just publishing links I find. Totally random links that exist somewhere out there, that no one is faking with the purpose of having fun with her blog.

      I would never misplace my little guy. If he really existed, I fancy I would never let him out of my sight. He’d always be with me, and never carried in a way that might send him flying down to unsafe territories. What kind of woman doesn’t firmly secure her little man to prevent such a terrible event? Not me.

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  2. I want to leave a response. I hope you don’t mind it. I am a man actually but please assume me a woman ”Hi, I am Maria. I found your man. I am keeping him in a birdcage when i am outside but i keep him in my tall boots when i arrived home. (I don’t know why. i just liked the idea of having a real person in my boot) he is always complaining about staying in the age and boot for long hours and he is complaining about smell when he was in my boot and this makes me crazy. Please come and bring him. I am really sick and tired of him”

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    1. Oh, that is a terrific response! I’m glad someone contacted that careless woman, and someone thoughtful enough to keep that poor little guy safe. At the same time, someone who doesn’t want him for herself. Imagine the agony of the original keeper, were she to see her little man never again. Thank you for this imaginary / imaginative response, msg.


      1. Your welcome, i hope you enjoyed, when you read it. if you really enjoy my response, i am very happy, squid:) i hope calling you squid is ok for you. I prefered it because it is short and friendly;) but if you didn’t like, i can change:)

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        1. I did. You may call me squid if you like, but I require that you capitalize the s, or the entire word. So, “Squid”, or “SQUID”. Those are your choices. :)


          1. If you say so, i will call you SQUID. because you are too big compared to a little one like me so SQUID is more suitable for our size difference. I think if i call you squid, i will be crushed underfoot as a punishment too:) btw please don’t capitalize any letter when you call me, just call me msg because i am a natural tiny so i feel better in that way:(

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            1. If anyone crushes you underfoot for such an inane reason, it shall not be me. I don’t do that. But you’ve been reading my blog, so *you* know that. I’ll just imagine you forgot, or you’re distracted. And I wouldn’t dream of capitalizing anything in connection with you. :)


              1. Of course i know how gentle you are so you don’t crush a tiny for such a reason;) it was just a joke. You are a gentle giantess that’s why i like you. I am not into cruelity.You are gentle but also dominant giantess like a mother. you love and care your tinies, but if they make you very angry, you can put them in a cage or jar e.t.c for a while. so they know they can’t do whatever they want just because you are a gentle giantes. I love your this feature:)

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                1. I couldn’t help but smile. You’ve described me very well. I’m quite gentle, but I like things my way, and I do my best to make sure my little man understands that. If he doesn’t right away… it’s alright. I’m infinitely patient, and determined. I know how to make him see the light.


                  1. I am very happy, you smiled after reading my comment:) yeah i’ve described you well because i read your a lot of posts. btw i hope my english is not hard to understand or annoying. You know it is not my native, i am afraid of bothering a giantesswith my tiny english:(

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                    1. Thank you, msg. I’m so very gladdened you enjoy my posts. Your English is perfectly fine, and I understand you very well. A gentle giantess is only pleased you do your best to communicate with her. English is not my native language either, so we have that in common. :)


  3. Yeah i enjoy your writings, SQUID. not only your writings, I also enjoyed your collages too.You are the woman of talent and skillful ;) yeah i know english is not your native. You are hispanic, you were born in Brazil. You love football (i refuse calling soccer because it is real football that being played by feet) e.t.c As you can see i remember a lot of things about you :) but speaking and writing in english is more difficult for me compared to you beause I live in a country in which people don’t speak english unlike you. Do you remember which country i am from? just curious. Yeah you are right i do my best to comminucate with my gentle giantess and i hope i will always do. Thank you very much for accepting me as one of your tinies, MS. GENTLE GIANTESS. :) it is a honour for me.


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