Craigslist: a pet looking for a home

I've missed creating these, and its time to get back to having fun with fake ads, so here's the next one. And no one answer this ad but me. I want this little guy! And this is a sort of background information on something I'll write based on a story idea by my little guy Hopier,... Continue Reading →

The Dollhouse

On the floor, on her side, she rested her cheek in the palm of her hand, and stared at him without blinking. "I don't understand. What's the meaning of this?" "What do you mean, my pet?" "Don't call me that. I'm not your pet. Why did you do this to me? Never mind that. How... Continue Reading →

Because I write

From "Steering the Craft", by Ursula K. Le Guin, a blogging (writing, really) idea I'm copying from my friend Aborigen. Exercise 4, parts 1 and 2: Again and Again and Again Part One: Write a paragraph of narrative (150 words) that includes at least three repetitions of a noun, verb or adjective (a noticeable word,... Continue Reading →

Triangle, by Nemo

I've waited for a long time for Nemo to write something again. Years. During the years we "raced" to the finish during NaNoWriMo several times, and he invariably produced a fully edited story shortly afterward, while the abominations I excreted sat on my hard drive, destined to be forgotten (so far, anyway). He's not... Continue Reading →

I wrote this? Seriously?

Well, sometimes I surprise myself. I've often said I only think about foot crush within the context of real-life anger. Someone beeps furiously in traffic because it's a school zone and I'm not going fast enough, and as the jerk finally zooms by he gives me (and consequently my son) the finger? Yeah. I'd shrink... Continue Reading →

Plagued bad dreams. I'm not sure what it means that not only I slept very little, but when I managed to drift away, I had these bizarre, unsettling dreams. Dream One I went to a party where I saw all my old childhood friends, now fully grown. One of them, one of my closest friends in... Continue Reading →

Undertoy – 2

This is the second image of this series, now accompanied by poetry unencumbered by rules, and possibly direction. Not the straightforward language I love in Bukowski's works, but how can anyone expect clearheadedness from a tiny man who experiences the daily questions, the constant attention of a giantess who wants to know his every thought?... Continue Reading →

Undertoy – 1

How it happened… This time DeviantArt is to blame. There I was, minding my own business, when I saw this mention. I checked it out, contacted the author, and thought I might not be able to fulfill requirements as to time constrictions, etc. But Flagg3D responded quite amicably, and generously, to a remarkable degree. The short version... Continue Reading →

Every Time, The Same

I can't sleep. I should have fallen asleep six hours ago, and I should have slept at least four of those. I have a rather severe case of insomnia, and all I'm doing about it right now, is having a cold slice of pepperoni pizza, and writing this. David Gahan sings, "I'm waiting for the... Continue Reading →


I couldn't help but smile when I added the "gentle" tag to this blog entry. Yes, because fantasizing about stalking a man is gentle. Imagining injecting a shrinking formula into his lovely, manly neck is gentle. Watching him fall into deep terror as his body shrinks and his clothes don't, is super gentle. Extracting him... Continue Reading →


I've always had a muse. For a time, on and off, my muse was an ethereal, nonexistent idea. Other times it's a congregation of people, a few words a friend says, an image an artist produces. My favorite muse is a real, flesh-and-blood man. His real name is not Hopier, as my real name is... Continue Reading →

Not small enough…

Once again I was at the Twitters, minding my own business, when I spotted Will carrying on something awful about something or other, some colorful images he was hollerin' about. I attributed that behavior to his well-known taco deficiency, and moved on. Then I saw Tina RT his T, and what she said about "creating your own" made... Continue Reading →

“Can I get a ride?”

“Chocolate. I have loads of chocolate my giantess buys for me. She knows I don’t like it very much, so she allows me to eat as much of it as I want. I’ll give you every bar, every chip.” “Tweet.” “Oh, I know you don’t eat chocolate! That’s why we’re friends! But you can use... Continue Reading →

A portion of my soul

As everyone should know by now, there was a cruel-story contest that took place last month. Details and links exist here. The contest creator (and my friend) Aborigen said, "Some Gentle writers contributed to CruelJan17, at the cost of a portion of their souls". That is quite true. It cost me something to write something... Continue Reading →

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