Not small enough…


Once again I was at the Twitters, minding my own business, when I spotted Will carrying on something awful about something or other, some colorful images he was hollerin’ about. I attributed that behavior to his well-known taco deficiency, and moved on. Then I saw Tina RT his T, and what she said about “creating your own” made me take notice, as I’ve long wanted to create a comic strip about my adventures with my shrunken man. Boom. Done.

Now all I have to do is get some sophisticated humor. Or humor at all. Or I don’t care, actually. As long as I get to be a comic-strip character that spends every minute of the day shrinking her favorite victim target little man.

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  1. Excellent, I look forward to more of these, and then the movie adaptations. The Undersquid Cinematic Universe will dwarf the Marvel one.

    I imagine the very next line in the comic is ‘you know what’.

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    1. Well, at least one of the things in your comment will enter the realm of reality. But a series of movies based on Undersquid’s Aeternally Awesome Adventures would be the best thing that could happen to anyone’s local theater.

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    1. One of my comic strips might be the “what”, but depending on what that is… hmm. Yes, I can find a way to publish it here. Of course I can. It can’t be too dirty. This is a nice, clean blog. :D

      No, it isn’t. But I keep it rather non explicit.

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      1. No, it isn’t. You wield innuendo like a master swordsman. I will know the explicitness from experience, but don’t worry, my muffled screams won’t be able to reveal more than you allow. ;)

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        1. Thank you, my little toy. I’ve always prefer double meanings and indirectness to say what I want in here. Thoughts a reader can complete on his own are much more fun for me to write than “and she put him here and he squirted that”… not that I don’t enjoy those thoughts as well…

          True. Nothing is revealed I don’t expose. :)

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