Waiting For Her Return – Gcode

I’ve always had a muse. For a time, on and off, my muse was an ethereal, nonexistent idea. Other times it’s a congregation of people, a few words a friend says, an image an artist produces. My favorite muse is a real, flesh-and-blood man. His real name is not Hopier, as my real name is not Undersquid; but he is my property, my little man, the one that inspires much of what I write these days. Inside, in his heart, he is as tiny as I’m a giantess. This is for you, Hopier.

Where am I?

In my hands.

Who am I?

You are my possession.

Who are you?

I’m your owner.

What happened?

I took you.


I wanted to. I had to.


You don’t need to know that.

What happens now?

The rest of your life.

Will it hurt?

No. Yes.

What are you?


What am I?


What should I do?

Everything I tell you.

What will you do?

Anything I want.

What should I think?

Think of you, on me. Think of me, on you.

What are you thinking?

Of you, in me. Of me, in you.

I’m so small… How can you be in me?

I’m in the air you breathe. I’m in your heart, your mind, your tears.

My tears?

What tears?

These tears.

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  1. Very existential. It’s almost a Tiny catechism, isn’t it? It’s not just Number Six screaming at his captors, it’s a real redefinition of his purpose and existence, just… with clearer answers than anyone ever got from a Judeo-Christian deity. He can feel anything from dread to inspiration in these answers, he can exult in a previously unimagined future, or he can experience a doom in the inflexible finality in her responses. Of course, one must naturally be curious about someone who issues so definitive and ready a decree…

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  2. That’s exactly what it is. It’s heavily seasoned with what I’ve written for years, and there are some hints of things I’ve only acknowledged vaguely with a couple of paragraphs in total, here and there.

    There is only truth, a truth for which any little person can easily prepare. There are no threats, no ill intentions. Only the truth. What can be more freeing than that?

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