Message – part 2

  Part 1 Emilio aimed the light towards the living room's widest wall, and stood in place, waiting. Matt stared at his friend's profile, thinking about what he had just said. Time to meet her. Okay. When nothing happens, I'm going to talk him into checking himself in. That's preferable to anything else I might... Continue Reading →

Craigslist: Are you tiny? Are you naked?

Here's the original post. Or was, before I received an email about it being flagged for removal. I thought the title would give me that kind of trouble, but that's how I saw it in my head. I rarely do this Craigslist thing with an idea in mind before I ever get to the website,... Continue Reading →


There are certain real-life experiences I like just so. Going to the movies is one of them. I don’t like people that talk while I’m trying to watch a movie (in fact, I always fantasize I grow gigantic in the movie theater at that moment, and turn those talkative idiots into paste with my feet... Continue Reading →

Ciara’s Brother – Part 1

I'm not even gonna explain... I don't know what I'm doing here. There's this thing that happened, and sometimes a story has to be told. I have no clue as to where it will go, and that's a complete lie. I generally tend to see stories from beginning to end, like dominoes falling in both... Continue Reading →


I was listening to "Broken" by Depeche Mode for the millionth time, when it came to me that I should change the lyrics to suit my giant thoughts about shrinking that very special little man in my world, Hopier... so here they are. Shrunken I want all the control And almost no pain How much... Continue Reading →

My Robot

For a very long time now (but only sometimes), I've imagined that shrunken man is a little robot. Sometimes he's half sized, other times he looks like an action figure, and then he can be as small as my pinky finger. Under any other circumstances, it would have been some kind of mental process to find... Continue Reading →

Small Talk, by Comrade

All this talk and carryings on about Gentle April 2017 has me thinking all manner of gentle thoughts. I only returned to the size community recently, and when I was away I was completely gone. I didn't read anything, barely looked at images, thought of all this very internally, almost keeping it a secret from myself (even... Continue Reading →

Do not leave

Another writing exercise from "Steering the Craft", by Ursula K. Le Guin. Exercise 2: Am I Saramago Write a paragraph to a page (150-350 words) of narrative with no punctuation (and no paragraphs or other breaking devices). [I went a little long. So what.] I’m leaving and won’t be back for a few hours I... Continue Reading →

Craigslist: Busco Trabajo

I'm trying something different, likely just this one time. My Spanish has worsened throughout the years, so I wanted to see if I could approximate something coherent in a language I no longer speak without an accent. I remember when I used to dream in Spanish. That stopped a couple of years after moving to the... Continue Reading →

Gentle April 2017

What is Gentle April 2017? It's the natural evolution of Cruel January 2017, and idea borne of Twitter conversation, and now spreading in all directions, a creative force that will not be contained. Some of us that wrote cruel stories are ready to write what we love; and some of you that aren't naturally inclined to write a Gentle... Continue Reading →

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