Gentle April 2017

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What is Gentle April 2017? It’s the natural evolution of Cruel January 2017, and idea borne of Twitter conversation, and now spreading in all directions, a creative force that will not be contained. Some of us that wrote cruel stories are ready to write what we love; and some of you that aren’t naturally inclined to write a Gentle story want to flex those muscles; and some of us want to write, period. Here’s this chance.

Any size-fetish or size-fantasy writer can participate. Anyone that has a Gentle story to tell can participate. Composing and submitting an entry is open to any and all. The purpose of participating is to have fun, to challenge yourself to write something new, to engage your mind with a theme that might be new to you, and to do it all using a specific amount of words.

Here are the few, simple rules:

  • The theme is “Gentle“. Aside from the official definition, it’s really up to the author to decide their own approach.
  • One entry per author.
  • The flash-fiction entry has a word limit of 2,000 words, no more.
  • The size is Micro (normal people and tiny people), or Macro (giant people and normal people).
  • Size parameters are up to the authors. Amoeba sized, ultra sized, you decide.
  • Submit all stories as Google Doc, single-space, Arial 11pt.
  • Original characters only; no recurring characters or settings.
  • No underage characters.
  • Entries are to remain anonymous: don’t post excerpts of your lovely story anywhere, or give anyone public or private hints about your entry. The price for breaking this rule is either Eternal Pain in Utter Darkness, or some sort of public shaming, or maybe a shaking of an accusative finger. Maybe a couple of enraged glares.
  • Deadline to submit your name for participation is 11:59 PM EST, March 31, 2017.
  • Deadline to submit your story is April 30, 2017; judges will evaluate over a yet-to-be-determined time period in May.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If English is not your native tongue, Aborigen offers to give your completed story a light edit, both to make it look its best and to support anonymity. If you are interested, you can reach him using this contact form, or at his Twitter page.

And here’s what I lifted from Aborigen’s CruelJan17 blog page:

What does the winning writer receive? Congratulations and scene cred, probably.

Who are the judges? You, the fans and readers! Any interested party who sees the notice of the finished stories can read them all and compare them against each other.

Who’s competing?

The deadline to submit your name has been reached, and the window for participating is now closed.

16 thoughts on “Gentle April 2017

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  1. This is going to be extremely exciting. I’m very pleased to see that some Cruel writers who were on their home turf in January are going to push themselves to write credibly within the Gentle genre. I’m not expecting any converts, but I hope it’s a fun learning experience for everyone involved.

    And who better than you to run this, an actual, true, real Gentle giantess? This is going to be fantastic.

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    1. It began to be exciting to me when I announced that I was going to announce it. And then, the response!

      I’m expecting thousands of converts. And of course, tremendous fun for all involved. I can’t believe we already have seven (I’m talking to the eighth one now) participants! And all not even 24 hours after the contest was announced. I’m delighted.

      I can’t think of anyone better to keep this going safely in the realm of my protection, actually. :D

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      1. From your mouth to Goddess’s ear: if people suddenly discover the subtle pleasures and tantalizing demands of Gentle writing, well, we can only stand to benefit.

        Oh yes, writers have been eagerly waiting for the flip of the calendar to start the next competition. That’s my impression. They had such a good time with the last one, I think they all want to see this become a Thing. Some people want to show off their talents, others want to hone them against others in direct contest. I think it’s all great.

        And now I’m going to nestle down with the image of you cradling a worship of writers in your embrace, nurturing and encouraging them, basking in their warmth.

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        1. Well, you know my Deep Theories on the matter. I believe there are more of us, hidden in dark internet corners like Fremen in sietches. They lurk, they grow in numbers as long as people like us keep writing, and expounding on our Sizing Way. Showing it to them.

          THIS has become a Thing. And yes, the messages I get about wanting to participate are SO BELLICOSE in nature! LOL

          “I’m going to destroy them all with my Gentle Writing!” It’s fantastic. I love it. I love seeing that. Look at what you’ve done! :)

          The term “worship of writers” is an extraordinarily exquisite combination of words. I can see myself destroying / creating worlds to keep you all safe and alive and typing.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. The only good thing Lynch ever excreted from his pedestrian brain…

              “It is by will alone I set my growth in motion.
              It is by the juice of sapho that growth acquires speed,
              the limbs acquire length, the length become a warning.
              It is by will alone I set my growth in motion.”

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    1. I truly hope you do, meremention. The contest would be nothing but the richer from your participation.

      Yes, the main point is fun. Shared fun among our kind, especially distilled in the form of pure creation, doesn’t happen very often. So this is a wonderful opportunity to play together with friends and fellow writers, at no cost whatsoever.


    1. All the stories will be posted in May, and everyone will be able to not only read them, but vote for their favorite. So, you are both reader and judge at the same time. It’s going to be so much fun!


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