Small Talk, by Comrade


All this talk and carryings on about Gentle April 2017 has me thinking all manner of gentle thoughts. I only returned to the size community recently, and when I was away I was completely gone. I didn’t read anything, barely looked at images, thought of all this very internally, almost keeping it a secret from myself (even though I composed blog entries in my head, that I never posted). When I came back and started blogging again, I also started looking for stories to read. One author of those stories is Comrade, from whom I first heard a number of years ago, when he wrote me a nice email about my blog.

The thing about Comrade is that he is extremely prolific. He has absolutely no problem developing a story in his head, and putting it down on a doc. So when he asked me some time ago for an idea for a story and I gave him one, it didn’t take him long to come back with something finished. I know I call this a collaboration, but all I did was cast an idea into the wind, and do some light editing when it was finished. The result is a perfect example of a gentle story. No one gets crushed, no one gets et. No one dies. And how wonderful is that?

So, gather ’round, and read about a group of friends that sit at a coffee-house table to meet Vera’s new boyfriend. But, wait! There’s more! No, wait! There’s less! Much, much less… when they discover that Vera’s beau can fit in her purse when he emerges from it. What can they do but take great delight in interacting with this little fella? And… what else can they do, after that?

Thank you again, Comrade!

Small Talk – Comrade

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  1. Very fun story, breezy and casual. It was lovely to picture, the attitudes of the various women, and what that little guy must be going through. Comrade’s a welcome talent.

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