Craigslist: A giantess walks into a city…


In a world where giantesses exist, a man watched her walk by every night. Why does she take long nightly walks by his house? Or at all? Maybe she’s like me. Maybe she can’t sleep.

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  1. This is especially poignant. I love the world around it, that giantesses are common as rocks or traffic, but that one’s footfalls and frequency resonates particularly with this haunted man. Like they were born for each other, though she clearly hasn’t clued into this yet. Unless that’s why she keeps wandering by his neighborhood, when she could go anywhere?

    I think this one has pushed me to the point where I want to start setting up classifieds in my own city.

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    1. Unless.

      Footsteps are a lot like fingerprints. Your mind forms a sequence of events that describes every spect of every sound, every effect those steps have on the ground. I can recognize different people’s footsteps when they are around me, or approach me. There’s something about the foot-to-toes beat, the drag, the weight, the kinds of shoe soles I know they own, the flat thuck against the ground, vs. the rat-rat of a rhythmic foot drop, the ratio of floor scrape, the speed of step, etc. It’s a whole language.

      So I can imagine that in that man’s heart and mind, he knows her footsteps, and can identify them if prompted. He can describe how they are different from every other giant footsteps in the city, and he can go into detail as to why. There’s another story idea I have where this aspect of a size relationship is featured prominently.

      Hey, I hope you do more than want, and when you do, that you will share with your readers. :)

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  2. This is very close to fantasy I once had, where I would walk down a dark country road and hope to be spotted, maybe kidnapped by a 50 ft + beauty. Never happened for some reason. I think this guy has a better chance. ;)

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    1. So that’s why you have taken up hiking! LOL

      Don’t lose hope. It might happen still. I used to try to spot little people villages or huts when I’d go hiking. I haven’t hiked any decent terrain in quite some time, but when I do, I’m sure I’ll have that in mind, as always.


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