“Birdy 2” by Fetish3D

I was listening to “Broken” by Depeche Mode for the millionth time, when it came to me that I should change the lyrics to suit my giant thoughts about shrinking that very special little man in my world, Hopier… so here they are.


I want all the control
And almost no pain
How much will I shrink you
As you scream in vain

I see the man that I knew
Cannot be found
Replaced by another
Who’s shrinking down

There’s a place where you’ll go
Without any sound
Only you can hear me
Only I’m allowed

You’ll be so far away
So far from here
You won’t remember
Old times, all those years

When you’re shrinking, I will catch you
You will shrink so much, so far
You will make it, I will be here
You were shrunken from the start

When you were a man
You’d dream all day long
You’d dream of a woman
You thought it was wrong

Now that time is gone
It’s real for you now
Now that you’re caught in
My hand as you howl

When you’re shrinking, I will catch you
You will shrink so much, so far
You will make it, I will be here
You were shrunken from the start

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have a real weakness for that moment, and I wanted to communicate it this way. There must be a little Al Yankovic trapped inside my brain somewhere, hah!


  1. That’s a project that deserves to be undertaken. A whole album of reworked lyrics, or just picking and choosing from among many artists across the board. That should be a baseline creative activity required of any size-writer, I think, like doodling for artists…

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    1. I like the idea. One day, when there’s an app that allows me to change song lyrics (as sung) on an mp3, it will be the first thing I do with it. In lieu of that, I’ll just karaoke them my way, and hope no one notices. :)

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  2. Do you remember “Sex Dwarf” by Soft Cell? (They were famous for “Tainted Love” in 1982.) “Sex Dwarf” was another popular song with them, but didn’t get so much airplay because of the lyrical content…

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    1. I have a compilation album, and it’s in it, but somehow I missed the lyrics. I focused on the songs I knew existed. Nothing to be changed about those lyrics, though. Thank you for the link!


  3. I’m not familiar with the song or the band, but I like what you’ve done with it. My attempt (circa 1999) was inspired by Mad Magazine and didn’t go over well. I had fun with it though, and still hear that song now and then. :)

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  4. Boo! Boooooo meremention! :) Well, you know what I think about that. Fuck the fans, fuck their interest, and fuck the trolls, and you do what you like. I’m sure it was quite fun, whatever you did with whatever song you picked.

    It’s a source of endless amusement to me that trolls consistently try to bring down those that can do what they will never be able to accomplish.


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