There are certain real-life experiences I like just so. Going to the movies is one of them. I don’t like people that talk while I’m trying to watch a movie (in fact, I always fantasize I grow gigantic in the movie theater at that moment, and turn those talkative idiots into paste with my feet or other parts of my body, while one of my hands is holding my date, and… I still manage to have fun with him – that particular fantasy has been with me since the beginning); I don’t like other things that I’m not going to specify here, as they are so particular they render me identifiable by name… but the idea of taking my little guy to the movies and doing anything else but watching a movie was unthinkable… until recently.

The above comic strip has a bit more explicit content than I’m used to posting here, but it expounds upon that recent change, or maybe it just hints at it. All I know is that there is nothing wrong with the notion of taking my little Hopier (who inspired that change) to the movies in that world of size differences in which we both live, and doing something entirely apart from what we originally intended to do. And that’s all I’m going to say. Wait, no, that’s not true: I’ll also add everyone on Earth loves Jason Statham, and those same people also despise movies based on Nicholas* Sparks books.

*Thank you for the catch, J!

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  1. I like the scenario and the artwork, very imaginative. I just wish that hopier (or anyone) would be more grateful for a night out with his very significant other and dispense with the complaints. Also, I think that I or any man alive would react with an ‘Ahhh’ in the last frame. What do you say, hopier? lol

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    1. Thank you! The complaints are that very tall author’s entire fabrication. Hopier is utterly innocent, and can’t be held responsible for what Undersquid cooks up in her giant rafters. And now I feel like George, talking about herself in the third person. “Undersquid is very upset!”

      I went with what I saw for this comic strip, which was the ridiculous. 1. You are right, no little man complains under these or any similar circumstances; 2. No one complains about seeing a Jason Statham movie; 3. No one actually prefers a Nicholas Sparks movie-based-on-book night; 4. a comic strip that had nothing but agreement and acquiescence in its content would have been boring for me to create.

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  2. Good lord, making me look bad with the fictional words you put in my mouth! I’ll get you! ;) But seriously, you know this is the best way to see movies from now on. I just don’t know if I’ll ever get to see a whole movie again! Love this comic strip my giantess. I hope and wish there are MANY more of these to come. I love reading about us!

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    1. Oh? Very well. Get me. I’m waiting. Let me know when it starts, so I can pay attention. :)

      You are a tiny man. You don’t need to see a whole movie ever again. Your giantess can tell you how it ends. Hint: it’s always the same ending.

      I love writing about us. Be on the lookout for what comes next, my bitty toy.

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