Message – part 2


“Help me…”

Part 1

Emilio aimed the light towards the living room’s widest wall, and stood in place, waiting. Matt stared at his friend’s profile, thinking about what he had just said. Time to meet her. Okay. When nothing happens, I’m going to talk him into checking himself in. That’s preferable to anything else I might have to do to save him. And I will do anything. Do you hear me in here, Emilio? Does she? This woman that seems to tell you everything that’s on my mind? Emilio didn’t move. If before he had acted as though he knew every thought on Matt’s mind, now his attention was only on that illuminated patch of wall. Outside, a purple sky turned darker every minute.

“So… what will it look like when she appears?” Matt asked, making every effort to remove every ounce of disbelief from his voice, but Emilio knew him too well. He only gave him a quick glance before returning his eyes to the same spot, and whispering as though he was in a movie theater, and the feature film was starting. “You’ll know it- you’ll understand me when you see her,” and his eyebrows furled together, and formed an eleven. He exhaled sharply. “I don’t understand. I can’t hear her anymore. She’s not saying anything.”

Emilio rushed to the other side of the room, and looked out the window at the deep navy sky. In the distant horizon, there was still some orange strips on it, quickly being swallowed by a mantle of star-speckled darkness, contaminated by the town’s electric-light haze. Emilio pounded the window frame with his fist, rattling the glass, and startling Matt, who jumped in his seat. “Watch it! I really don’t feel like looking at pools of blood right now.”

Emilio walked back to the light. “Maybe it’s too bright outside. We’ll wait a little longer.” And then what? Matt knew the answer. He wasn’t going to abandon his best friend when he was in this state. He would either make him call 911, or he would commit him himself. At that moment Emilio jerked his head in Matt’s direction, and shook his head slowly. “No, Matt. No more hospitals.” Then, his face broke into a smile brighter than any sun. “She’s here.”

Fuck, Matt thought. This is worse than I thought! There is nothing- what- what is that? Something was happening to the bright patch of light on the wall. It flickered as though its source was being shaken. Matt shifted on the couch, turning his body in its direction; he looked at it, even though he knew the worklight sat on the floor unmolested. “Emilio, what’s happening? How are you doing that?” The field of light began to appear to vibrate, as though it was the wings of a hummingbird. About half of it grew darker as Matt watched, his mouth opening in astonishment. Emilio just stood there, his smile fading as his eyes glazed over, and his face acquired a distracted look. He was listening to something only he could hear.

“I’m not doing anything. It’s my giantess. She’s here. She wants you to know she’s very happy you are my friend, and… that you should not worry about me… that I’m not in any danger… she wants you to help her too.” Emilio closed his eyes and shuddered. Matt wondered if his friend was cold, when he realized his friend had somehow slipped into a state of deep sexual arousal, right in front of him. Anything to distract Matt from the terrifying flickering on the wall, so he started shouting, “Hey! Stop that! I don’t want to see that shit! Cover that up or I’m leaving.” Emilio opened his eyes and looked at Matt. “What?” When Matt pointed at Emilio’s telltale rigidity with a nod, Emilio gasped and laughed again. “Sorry, man. I get lost in her when she talks to me. It’s all I can hear. Her voice is in my head, so loud, so soft, so feminine. I’ve never felt this way before.”

Matt had unwillingly returned his eyes to the wall, where once a bright light had shone. Now most of it was dim, even though the worklamp was still aimed at it with the same intensity. Shadows played on its surface, forming very distinct facial features. They clearly belonged to a woman, thought Matt had never seen a face so large. Her nose was almost as long as both their heads stacked together; her lips could have covered his head, but instead they were moving silently. Emilio had turned to face her, nodding occasionally. “What is she saying now?”

“Shh! Yes… yes, of course. I’ll do that. I’d be happy to. Anything, everything for you, my giantess.” Suddenly, the shadows disappeared like ink washed away by a heavy flood of water. Emilio breathed in long and hard, as though he had not taken in any air for some time. He then gave Matt a resolute look and said, “We have to blow up the power plant.”

To be continued…

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  1. Well, of course they’re going to blow up the power plant! No way would Matt take that badly. Voices he can’t hear, telling Emilio to destroy the civic infrastructure? Sure, the telepathic ability was one thing, but now he’s got to go up against a man possessed.

    I’m so glad to see this series come back. I really was on the edge of my seat about it, you built up such wonderful tension, with such an eerie premise! I’m enjoying seeing where this is going, one of those things where I have a few guesses but it’ll turn out to be something else entirely. This is thoroughly enjoyable.

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    1. I’m enjoying seeing where this is going as well. I have no idea until I sit down to write it, which is unusual for me. I thought I saw how it was going to end, but now it’s all shifting on me. Unusual, but wonderful. Now Matt knows his friend is not crazy, but wait… what did he just say? The craziest thing so far! Maybe Matt prefers thinking he is crazy himself, and has joined in Emilio’s contagious madness, rather than acknowledge any future endeavors that involve much more serious activities than getting rid of light bulbs. sighs

      Liked by 1 person

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