Craigslist: Closure


Well, what the hell was I supposed to do? Sometimes my friend Aborigen writes blog entries that tear at my tender feelings because something nefarious happens to a little person. The latest such event compelled me to imagine this solution to the Aaron problem. It doesn’t mean he survives what’s coming to him now that he’s out there in the world, and without protection. It only means that the perpetrator of this event did everything she could to help him, even if he didn’t deserve that help.

It also means I found reasons to dislike Aaron. I invented them, rather… since Aborigen’s piece gave me no real reason to find him lacking. All that means is that he gets a second chance with someone that might actually enjoy how he is, and Tracy finally gets the peace of mind she so badly needs, and deserves. She may have cared for Aaron very much, but there is no happiness to be found in such a little man.

Ah, here’s the actual CL “ad”.

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