Brownies, by telebot

Nearly ten years ago I wrote something about a little man, and his sweet tooth. Last year, when I started blogging again, I visited Giantess City and searched my own name to see what I had last written, and when. Much to my surprise I found a story, written by telebot, based on that something I... Continue Reading →

Sick As Fuck

I was on Twitter, whining to Aborigen about not having any inspiration to write, when he said, "You want me to give you an idea? I can give you an idea and demand 1,500 by the end of the day, if that would help?" And I said "Alright, I'm game. I'll write, even if it's... Continue Reading →

Gentle April 2017: Time to Vote

I can see it in the audience overview data shown with Google analytics. You've been reading the stories every day. Lovely, gentle stories written by: Undersquid Aborigen Nyx Will Edgecomb Crushed Boy Wonder Little Comrade Pedro Fellini MoonlightUmbry Taedis Nodqfan Nostory Giantess Tina Versusterminus7 Nemo 0neGenericWord Olo gruffmcmilitary ryan the rebel Now it's time to choose... Continue Reading →

Gentle April 2017: the Stories

The time is finally here. After months of thinking about this moment, which came to life soon after its progenitor was birthed, we can finally gather 'round and read these Gentle submissions. How did this all come to be? It's very simple: my very good friend Aborigen and I were discussing Cruel Jan 2017, and... Continue Reading →

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