GentleApril17: The Results!

Running this contest was a great deal of fun for me. I’m a Gentle giantess most of the time, so I was in my element. After the contest was announced, every time an author added their name to the list of contenders I felt an added sense of gratification to see confirmation of what I’ve always suspected: people love gentle stories. Readers of all sizes enjoy imagining gentle scenarios, with subtle (and sometimes not so much) changes in the definition of Gentle.

I’m very proud of everyone that entered the contest. The same as what happened during the vanguard contest when Gentle writers entered Cruel January 2017, writers that specialized in the Cruel genre announced they were going to try their hand at writing a Gentle story. That not only seemed wonderful to me, but to their fans, who expressed a deep curiosity to see what their favorite authors would create. It was also a great pleasure to see writers from Giantess City, Giantess World, and deviantART want to participate.

Thank you all for making this contest a fantastic reality; for sitting down and creating worlds from your minds; for sharing those worlds with everyone. And the greatest thank you goes to Aborigen, for not only thinking up these contests, but allowing me to host the Gentle April one. And now, the results. Spoilers abound. Be forewarned.

The Authors

Best Story

With only one week to vote, people made their choices as follows:

“Making Adjustments” by Little Comrade was the winner with nine votes, followed very closely by “Duty Calls”, written by Taedis, which earned eight votes. This contest was such a close call, with such terrific stories! Again, another entry very close to the winning line was “Lovers and Dreamers”, by 0neGenericWord, with seven votes. Giantess Tina chased them all with six votes for her “At the beginning of all great things”. Tied at five votes were “Born in a Flash” by me, “She Lifted Her”, by Will Edgecomb, and “Trust” by Versusterminus7. I’m in such good company!

“Bus Buddies” by Aborigen and “License” by Olo both got four votes; and “Keep You Posted” (Nemo), “Mystic Mercy” (growmcmilitary) and “Therapy For The Titan” (MoonlightUmbry) received three votes.

At two votes were “Gentlefuck” (CrushedBoyWonder), “Growing Enlightenment” (ryan the rebel), “Grow Some Balls” (Nostory), “Pursuit” (Nyx), and “The Helper” by Pedro Fellini.

It was only in the last day, and during the last few hours that the winner was finally decided. Before that it was always a tie, then the appearance of a winner, then another, until we finally had a definite one. It was madness to observe! You see how close it was.

As to the other categories, look at how they were all over the place…

Story with favorite macro character

“Duty Calls” received eleven votes, nearly half of all the votes. Everyone loved that tiny little giantess in a holodeck. End program. It was followed by “At the beginning of all great things” with seven votes, because it is clear every tiny reader wants a giantess they can roam. Don’t lie to me. I know it’s true.

“Trust” was the next favorite, with six voters that chose to be found in a purse by a great, loving lady. After that, five votes were given to each “License”, for lab work executed by a caring professional; “Lovers and Dreamers”, for a huge guitarist and singer that sends her love to sleep peacefully with a song; and “Making Adjustments”, for a Minder that stops at nothing to make her ward happy.

Four points each went to “Born in a Flash”, by yours truly, who wanted to write about someone who really cares when a tiny man is in trouble; “Mystic Mercy”, for a good witch who collects Manna through love; and “She Lifted Her”, for Miss/Keyasha, who goes to any length to be with the one she loves.

Three points: “Bus Buddies”, for the friend with a beautiful mouth; “Growing Enlightenment” for Aurora, who grows and displays kindness at the same rate; “Grow Some Balls” for the rich giantess who goes after what she wants.

Two votes: “Gentlefuck”, for two ladies that share a hot night together, but not alone; “Keep You Posted” for the therapist that helps traumatized little men recover; “Owen for the Win” for a woman that rewards patience deeply, and kindly; “Pursuit” for a lone giant that reveals the unmistakeable truth, and “Therapy For The Titan”, about a very tall man that finds a path away from evil.

One point went to “The Day Off” for a woman that puts her little man first, and before anything else; and “The Helper”, for two ladies that are unaware they are being observed, and cared for.

Story with favorite micro character

The winner in this category was “Making Adjustments”, with ten votes. People really liked Laura, who is only 3.24 inches tall, and adorable. “Lovers and Dreamers” received eight votes, because of the tiniest accountant in the world. With seven votes, the share is equally divided between “Born in a Flash”, and the little lost guy with no memory I created; “She Lifted Her”, and infinitesimal little Speck/Millie; and “Trust”, because of itty bitty dirty purse foundling Wyatt.

“Duty Calls” got five votes for Kevin, the human sacrifice. Four votes went to “At the beginning of all great things” and the giantess-roaming husband; and Ewan, who finds himself shrunk and unseen in “The Helper”. Owen of “Owen for the Win” fame, received three votes as he talked to a pretty lady and didn’t know how or why.

Two votes: “Bus Buddies” and Ryan’s extreme mouth-play adventure; “Gentlefuck” and Brad, a toy between two women; “Growing Enlightenment” and the passengers of a train in trouble; “Grow Some Balls” and coming-of-age Todd; “License” and N2524, a terrified yet cooperative little pet; and “Pursuit” and the coolest sniper this side of that galaxy, agent Delia Melki.

One vote: “Conversion Therapy” (Mark, an immensely brave hero); “Keep You Posted” (Vic, a silent man that finds his words after terrible suffering); “Mystic Mercy” (Jake, who loved when he could have feared); “The Day Off” (Harry’s peaceful, loving day”; and “Therapy For The Titan” (fearless Dr. Myers).

Favorite introduction between size-different characters

There were four winners in this category, with eight votes each. “At the beginning of all great things”, where the Wife lifts her tiny husband out of her pocket; “Born in a Flash”, where a woman about to start her day meets a very small man that desperately needs her help; “Duty Calls”, where a giantess watches her gauntlet come to life; and “Trust”, where a woman finds a little man in her purse during her daily commute.

“Making Adjustments” got six points this time, as Minder Azin shakes the foundation of her little charge’s world.

Five votes went to “Pursuit”, and the sniper that fails to hit her target and finds herself in great peril. Or does she?

“Lovers and Dreamers” and “She Lifted Her” each received four votes, with an artist coming back home to her tiny girlfriend in a very playful way, and Speck finding herself lifted by her Miss, right from the get-go.

Three votes went to “Grow Some Balls” as we listen in to a conversation between one of the two only giantesses in the world, and her classmate; “License” shows us an epidemiology student as he meets a tiny that has a number for a name; and “Mystic Mercy” demonstrated by a kind witch as she heals a severely injured man.

Two votes: “Bus Buddies” (Ryan shares an extraordinary ride with Julene); “Keep You Posted” (Ana meets her patient as he sleeps – and he measures less than two inches in height); “Therapy For The Titan” (all a giant needs is another session with his beautiful therapist).

One vote: “Conversion Therapy” (Tracy notices Mark, and instead of crushing him, she talks to him); “Gentlefuck” (Madelyn is already wearing Brad); “Growing Enlightenment” (Aurora doesn’t particularly introduce herself to anyone, except the city’s transportation system); “Owen for the Win” (Owen introduces himself to a total stranger, because he can’t let her get away); “The Day Off” (Jane wakes up Harry, who sleeps in her jewelry box); and “The Helper” (Ewan never formally meets them, but has caught a ride into their home).

Sweetest story

Guess how many votes “Lovers and Dreamers” received, for being the sweetest story. C’mon. Try. Twelve votes. So it won the category, hands down.

“Making Adjustments” got nine votes for being so sweet.

“Trust” earned eight votes.

“At the beginning of all great things” and “She Lifted Her” both got six votes.

Five sweet votes went to “Born in a Flash” and “Duty Calls”.

“Keep You Posted” got four votes.

Three votes went to both “Gentlefuck” and “Therapy For The Titan”.

“Bus Buddies”, “License”, and “The Helper” received two votes.

And at one vote we see “”Growing Enlightenment”, “Grow Some Balls”,  “Mystic Mercy”, “Pursuit”, and “The Day Off”.

Sexiest story

Earning over 50% of all votes, “Gentlefuck” won this category with thirteen votes.

“She Lifted Her” received eight votes.

“At the beginning of all great things” got seven votes.

Six votes went to “Owen for the Win”.

“Making Adjustments” received five votes.

“Born in a Flash”, “Keep You Posted”, and “Mystic Mercy” earned four votes.

At three votes we find “Bus Buddies”, “Duty Calls”, and “Lovers and Dreamers”.

Two votes went to “Growing Enlightenment”, “License”, “The Helper”, “Therapy For The Titan”, and “Trust”.

And one vote was received by “Grow Some Balls” and “The Day Off”.

Unexpected concept of gentleness

I like this category, as I’m a big proponent of Gentle expanded in definition. A Gentle story isn’t only about a tiny man being loved and kissed by a woman. It’s also about an insignificantly small person disappearing from this world, and her partner doing everything she can to make sure that departure is happy. Which is why “She Lifted Her” won this category, with nine votes.

Following it with seven votes is “Conversion Therapy”, in which a woman believes a tiny man when he tells her she is being destructive, and stops right away. She could have gone on fucking up buildings (or just… never mind, I’m not even going to say it), but instead she pays attention to the words of someone whose size should render him irrelevant (though not in my opinion)…. And “The Helper”, where a man who finds himself shrunk, also finds himself inclined to be of use to people who don’t know he exists. Is that why you voted for it? That’s how I see it, anyway.

Six votes went to “Mystic Mercy”, and I actually discussed this story with people, because I was impressed with how it newly defines gentleness. Sure, for most of the story he suffers, but he doesn’t die. In fact, he is rescued and healed to perfection. The story fits into my own definition of gentleness, which is… “Well, he didn’t die, did he?”

“Born in a Flash” (I honestly don’t know why y’all voted for this one in this category); “Duty Calls”, and its various displays of forms of gentleness from a giantess that isn’t, and a tiny man that isn’t; “Pursuit”, and a giant that could have easily killed, but chose not to; and “Therapy For The Titan”, about a reformed force of destruction, all earned five votes.

Four votes: “At the beginning of all great things”; “Bus Buddies”; “Gentlefuck”. The lower the vote count, the blurrier it gets for me. Why are these three stories unexpected in their content of gentleness? In the first one, a loving wife talks with and cuddles her husband; in the second, a man experience the time of his life in the gorgeous mouth of a friend; and in the last one, a man is a sex toy, and pretty much nothing else.

Three votes: “License”, where a student goes through the motions of a job that can be rough on tinies, and finds himself feeling things. Yeah, I get this one.

Two votes: “Growing Enlightenment”, and “Keep You Posted”.

One vote: “Grow Some Balls”; “Lovers and Dreamers”; “Making Adjustments”; and “Trust”.

Story with most interesting twist

Earning eleven votes, “Duty Calls” won this category.  Did you ever think that what was happening was not really happening? I didn’t.

“Making Adjustments” got nine votes, because the boyfriend got himself shrunk. Surprise! What a loving, irreversible, unexpected thing to do.

Six votes went to “Born in a Flash” (I have a couple of theories why it even exists in this category); and “Pursuit”, with a twist interesting enough to make me want it to be a movie or a TV show.

“At the beginning of all great things”; “She Lifted Her”; and “Therapy For The Giant” got five points.

Four votes went to “Bus Buddies” and “License”.

Three votes: “Conversion Therapy”; “Growing Enlightenment”; “Keep You Posted”; “Mystic Mercy”.

Two votes: “Gentlefuck”.

One vote: “Grow Some Balls”; “Lovers and Dreamers”; “Trust”.

Story that struggled with concept of Gentle

Let me start by saying that I don’t agree with some of the choices in this category, and I know neither do some of you. This is a subjective category, so…

“Conversion Therapy” received twelve votes in this category.

Eight votes: “Mystic Mercy”.

Seven votes: “At the beginning of all great things”.

Six votes: “License”; “Pursuit”.

Five votes: “The Helper”.

Four votes: “”Gentlefuck”; “Growing Enlightenment”.

Three votes: “Born in a Flash”; “Bus Buddies”; “Grow Some Balls”; “Keep You Posted”, “Owen for the Win”.

Two votes: “The Day Off”; “Therapy For The Titan”.

One vote: “She Lifted Her”.

15 thoughts on “GentleApril17: The Results!

Add yours

    1. I’m not sure that gender should have anything to do with enjoying stories, but if it’s important to you… I only hope it’s not as important as voting for the stories you liked the best.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If content involved “M” of “f”, I instantly excluded it from further consideration.
        But your’s and Tina’s 1) didn’t have that and 2) was interactive relationship based and lived up to gentle well.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I liked several of the stories, but kept coming back to “License.” Incredible. I’m guessing Olo is a professional writer of some kind. Funny thing, Olo messaged me a couple of years back about a story I’d written (as Nemo) and told me he’d saved it as a text file (which I took as a compliment!)

    Great job Undersquid, thanks for your hard work and enthusiasm.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “License” is one of my favorite ones. Which story of yours was the one he liked? Do you remember?

      Oh my! You’ve revealed your secret identity! :)

      And thank you, Nemo er, meremention.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. STAHP (don’t stop).

      Seriously, I’m glad you guys liked “License.” There were only two rules (under 2k words, “gentle”), and it was still hard to for me to stick to them. Thanks for the high praise, Nemo, but I’ve never had a professional creative writing position. You guys get it all.

      Because Undersquid knew I was the author, it’s not surprising that she assumed the narrator of “License” was male, but I’m curious if anyone else had a different impression. Both as a writing exercise and to make the story more accessible, I tried to keep the narrator’s gender ambiguous.

      The story of Nemo’s that I saved was “You’ll Get Used To Momma.” I have a sub-page from my Tumblr with links to all my recommended size fantasy stories, and I was hoping his story was publically archived somewhere so I could link to it. I can still hear Clara’s Astroglide-coated whimpering.

      Thank you, Undersquid, and Aborigen, and everyone else who contributed and voted in this contest and the last (and the next?). In addition to increasing readership, I’m gratified that people are looking beyond what they believe to be the boundaries of their own fetishes and trying to connect on the basis of thoughtful and heartfelt writing. I’m also hopeful that we are creating space for constructive criticism of style and craft over and above whether one’s particular itch got scratched.

      I’ve always claimed to prefer gentle stories, partly because cartoonish and implausibly-motivated violence has been an unhelpful cliche in size fantasy for a long time, but also because I think watching complex characters carefully and compassionately accommodate size difference is both fascinating and arousing. I hope this contest has refuted the misconception that gentle size fantasy is less “sexy” than the rougher side of things. Still, some of the stories (mine especially) could have been a lot smuttier.

      Nevertheless, I find writing a wholly gentle story to be challenging. Of course it depends on one’s definition of “gentle,” but dramatically you need some source of suspense, and without a lot of room to describe the characters’ interior lives, it’s simply quicker to introduce some immediate physical peril. An example of this narrative problem is “The Day Off.” Lovely characters in a sweet setting, but nothing actually happens. Given the space constraints, I was not surprised to see stories that defined gentleness as “cruelty, interrupted.” “License” surely qualifies, as does “Pursuit,” “Conversion Therapy,” and “Keep You Posted.”

      I concur that the categories for the next contest should be announced from the get-go, particularly if multiple entries are going to be allowed.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Absolutely, voting categories will be announced before writing begins for ButtyJuly17. This whole contest has been a learning process, and rules and features change each time. With so many stories to read, we had to strongly urge people to keep notes as they read along, and then it became obvious to simply advise people ahead of time what to keep in mind as they read the stories.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. No kidding. Every time a contest is announced, I think of more things that can be done in addition to whatever’s been done in the past. For example: I could have had a blog banner about Gentle April, the entire time. Why didn’t I think of that?

          Liked by 1 person

      2. Hah! I did. I assumed the narrator of your story was male, and I never looked for gender identifiers in the story. I simply went with my own inclination, since the idea of my own handling a tiny female person is not first and foremost in my mind (or second, or third), so my imagination assumes the opposite is the default in something I read that I enjoy.

        Thank you for the info and link for Nemo’s story. I’m collecting them since there isn’t a current depository for them on the Internet, and whoever manages Giantess World isn’t really on the ball as far as password recovery procedure goes.

        Though I still witness that mindset that “cruel stories as just more exciting”, I know it’s not correct. Cruel stories are simply more exciting to someone because they prefer that content. A writer that goes beyond the chalk line of “this is jerk-off fodder” is working hard at making this “just a fetish”. This is not “just a fetish” for me. It’s how my brain is organized. It’s how I see the world in my head, and outside it. So it feels great to be of help to Aborigen on this, and on all future contests. No matter how small the niche is compared to everything else on the internet, a force of change remains a force of change.


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