Size Tunes 2017

Lah lah lah

I’ve had this idea for years. I contemplated it, and never did anything about it, until now. Back then, because I used to go to boards and talk to a lot of people, I got to know a few of them a bit, and as it turns out, nearly every one of them had some musical ability. When I published the collage above, I received a file composed by a blog reader, inspired by it… so the idea of songs inspired by size differences is not at all outlandish, and it’s certainly something a few of us have thought about, and done more than just think about.

So… it’s high time we have us a music contest:

I’m just going to sit here quietly, and while I wait for songs you write about giantesses, or tiny men, or gigantic/tiny feet, or micro-robots, or foxes the size of the solar system, to come my way, I’ll mess around with Garage Band, and see what I can come up with. I can sing my own songs, but when the time comes, I might get someone at fiverr® to do my singing for me. Everyone in my family knows my voice. Or I could just use Audacity to alter my pitch… oh this cracks me up!

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    1. It is. I’ve always thought it’s a fantastic idea.

      I don’t know about releasing my voice to the masses. It really isn’t a big deal, and “everyone” is doing it. I just have doubts. :)


  1. This topic got me to thinking. What if God made Eve 15 feet tall and Adam only 5 feet tall? Eve would have been in charge of the earth instead of her husband. Would she have been tempted by the serpent if she were already top dog? What incentive would she have had if she already possessed the authority and power? It is a good bet Adam would not have dared to do anything without the permission of his giant wife. I know I wouldn’

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    1. I like where you’re going with that. Originally, Eve made herself 15 feet tall, and Adam was 1 foot tall only. She was as much in charge of the earth as I am of my own home. The serpent was her second favorite pet. Everything was wonderful until the aliens arrived and zapped Eve and Adam, making her smaller and he larger, respectively. Everything’s being going to hell ever since.

      Now someone should write a song about that.


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