It’s Saturday, so that means…


And do you want to know how I felt when creating the above image earlier today? I felt old-school. I felt antiquated and weird because I’m using real photos of hands, and not using a program with digital images of ready-made hands. Oh, well. Until I figure out how to work my Daz and Poser, this is how it’s going to be. Old-school.

Oh, great. I can already see ten things I need to fix. ARGH.

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  1. This collage represents the size scale I like the best. The man is just big enough to serve his giantess and is small enough to pose no physical threat to her. Also, a 3 to 1 size ratio is actually scientifically possible. I’ve read somewhere that the human body could theoretically grow to 20 feet and function normally. I would guess the female body would be better equiped to handle that size since it is less dense and lighter so gravity wouldn’t be as stressful as it would be on a bulkier male frame. Man just think how much better the world would be if this ever became reality! No more rape and no more wars….well I would hope women wouldn’t wage war anyway. Men would have to become the property of women due to the fact they would be too dependent on women for everything, and the fact that objects would be scaled to accommodate giantesses. But I think men would adjust to it and even learn to love it after awhile.

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    1. It’s an excellent scale to collage comfortably, because as much as I like all sizes, I would have preferred to create a layer with a much smaller hand. Still…

      I’ve always thought there would still be some female-led wars here and there. Maybe best described as skirmishes, and only for as long as it takes to come to some sort of agreement.

      I’m not above punching the lights out of a giantess that disrespects buildings.


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