Honestly, I think I only create these because I love handheld images so much. And then I like to overuse filters. In the past, I’ve spent time online just looking for Photoshop Elements filters, no matter how useless they end up being. The original image is here. And what’s behind it? A number of things. As usual, I sat here and opened up my Pixton account with nothing in mind; but as soon as I slapped my avatar in the frame, I knew it was a handheld image. Then it came to me it was a conversation between a 203.5′ tall giantess, and the normal-sized man with whom she’s been having carnal knowledge.

As I typed the words, what I wanted to see was revealed. As always, I satisfy the impossibility of a relationship between a giantess and a man through these bursts of creativity. She holds him in her hand, and she’s only known him for a few days, but she’s heartbroken to leave him. Naturally, we assume he is also distraught by this separation. At least they were together, while she… and here’s where I become a sitting cliche. Yeah, the giantess is an alien.

She’s an extraterrestrial being who’s there to explore and survey and find food for her people. And the little ones on that planet are the food. I don’t like vore (except the gentle kind), but that’s where the story went. She promises she’ll be back with some hungry friends (naturally), and that’s when, finally, the little man gathers enough courage to tell her that in all the confusion and passion of the last few days, he neglected to tell her that he’d prefer if she didn’t annihilate his race.

At that point, she’d do anything for him, including subjecting her entire race to an eternal diet of klumpus (suffice it to say, it tastes like off-brand Cheetos –or worse, crunchy cheese snacks made by a health-food brand– at least until her kind realizes she lied in her report). That’s her sacrifice. And his is to leave everything behind for her because that’s what you do when your beloved packs up and climbs aboard a spaceship to never come back. You go with her. Any other response would be rude.

And I love that super non-sexy idea (well, probably for most) of transforming your entire life for another person, because of what they are. Sure, when the time comes to shrink someone, that man has no choice but to realize he’s now entering a new time in his life, and everything is different now. Nothing he knew before, he’ll be able to bring into his life when he becomes the possession of that woman who now owns him.

But… guess what? She’s also making an enormous sacrifice. That small life depends entirely upon her care. All the worries! She makes one simple mistake, and he dies, and there is no coming back from that, no matter what the stories tell you about going back to the pet store and buying another little man. In my world, the bond between owner and toy is unbreakable and irreplaceable.

But yeah… her friends can eat his neighbors, I guess. What do I care?

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  1. I’m really enjoying how you let your creative impulses take you in unexpected directions. You very clearly have strong feelings about what you want and don’t want to see in size fantasy, but you don’t let those feelings restrict your narrative momentum or simple whimsy. Your characters are always true to themselves, which makes them more real.

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    1. Thank you, Olo. It’s an apparent contradiction, as what you say is true. I’m not ever interested in looking at or reading material that doesn’t fit my mold, but when it comes down to what I generate, a different formula is mixed in my head, and the people in my stories are often whoever they are, no matter my feelings on the matter. It’s not a unique experience for anyone that writes, to find themselves bringing to reality something that opposes their good feelings… but there’s nothing for it. Sometimes the story tells itself.


    1. Thank you, meremention. Klumpus is not bad, actually. I like it every once in a while, but it’s really tough to wash off your clothes.

      Yeah, the glasses are as close as I could get on Pixton to my real glasses, and I wish I had a shirt like that. :)


  2. I am really impressed with your creative talents. Your alien giantess has a striking resemblance to Sarah Palin with her glasses. I’m sure you weren’t going for that but that’s who she reminds me of. As for the vore element, it is unavoidable sometimes. 200 foot giantesses require a massive caloric intake. They have to eat and food sources will be pushed to the limits in short order. I can see their technological research being devoted to acquiring food and looking for more efficient ways to sustain their enormous bodies. It is not immoral to want to survive after all. The alternative would be to enslave the tinies and have them gather food for their giantess overlords. As a tiny, I would prefer enslavement, but I’m pretty sure my preferences would be inconsequential to a hungry giantess.

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    1. Yeah… in the last two weeks my alien giantess was twice told she reminded people of Sarah Palin. She was both flattered and offended. She wasn’t going for that, but no one can help the way they look. I certainly wasn’t going for that either.

      I always manage to avoid vore. Well, almost always, apparently. But in my stories, there are always enough cows.


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