Adventure Time – “Mama Said”

Oh, shut up. You know you love that show too. When it first came on, it used to annoy me, but not everyone at my house hated it, so I began to overhear longer bits of it, and to love the double entendre, and the size bits. I love size bits, no matter where they come from. No, that’s not true; there are size bits out there I find repugnant. But every time I see something growy or shrinky on Adventure Time, I smile like this…Lewd-Smile
…and never fail to look around, if I’m with family or friends, because you never know when someone will look at you, jump up from their seat and cry out, “A-ha! J’acusse!” as they point at you and reveal to all present that you have a filthy size fetish. So I make sure no one sees me blush and no one hears my heart pounding and no one watches me try to control my frantic heartbeat, and no one is taking pictures of my cheeks as they turn a violent red.

I not only do that when I watch Adventure Time. It happens any time I see a commercial or show depicting size stuff. It’s also happened that I’m not alone, and someone will say, “Look at that [whatever] with that tiny guy! Did you see it? Did you look? Look at it, look at how funny it is!?!??!”

Those are the times my poker face must be at its best, because inside my head I’m screaming, “YES, I SAW IT. IT WAS HOT. I DREAM OF OWNING SUCH A SEX TOY. YES, LITTLE MEN ARE SEX TOYS DIDN’T YOU KNOW?!?!?!” But outwardly I’m…

And… “No, I missed it. I was thinking of politics or tax reform or health care.” And they always believe me. Would my life be better if I told all around me that I have these thoughts and feelings? Nah. It would make no difference. It would probably mean members of my family find my blog, and start asking questions. Especially my mom. She’d be all… I’m not even going to tell what she’d be like. But it would not be good. The questions would never end.

Anyway, I was about to tell you about this:

I buy every Adventure Time season as soon as it comes out. Every season is extremely rewatchable. I love the songs. I know the songs. Don’t make me start singing now, because I will. But I love the size stuff the most, no matter how inconsequential, how unrelatable, how vague it is. I’ll take it because I’ll take my size stuff any way I can get it. So, from minute 3:20 on, I looked like this:

And I did the same with my lips every time Finn was handheld. Do you have any idea how much I love handheld? No, you don’t. I love it. A lot. So much. If I had a tiny man in real life, he’d be so handheld, so much. So often. So tightly. So hard. So closely. Any image of a tiny human (or robot—let’s be honest) male held in the hand of a larger female anything… is going to cause the same effect on me.

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  1. Gotta misquote Red Green for this one: “If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.” I’ve done the poker-face too. It’s easier now. At one time it was hard because maintaining laser eye-contact with the TV was instinctual. “I’m going to change the channel.” “NOT YET!” “Sorry?” “Er…it’s bad for the TV…it’s an electronics thing. Okay, you can change it now.” I’m way behind in my AT watching. Gonna have to binge myself into a coma through the last two seasons. Marceline is my fav… <3

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    1. I’d never hear of Red Green, so that was fun to look up. “Port Asbestos.” :D

      I don’t know how you could stop at 5, after the way it ended! I was all up in Amazon’s face, preordering it as soon as I could. I love Marceline, but I relate more to PB, what with all the experiments… I can see her inventing a shrinking formula one day. It’s so spice.

      One of my favorite songs:

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  2. The Sable “I am Syfy” commercial had one of the strongest effects for me like what you’re describing in your blog entry. Your previous post about your galactic leggings affected me too! That was just super hot! Thank you.

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  3. Well, that was weird. And pretty good. Actual interaction. I make it a point to remark on every size change thing to my honey, just for fun. Why not? I shall now recite The Man’s Prayer (Red Green) and head off to bed.

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    1. Yes, actual, wonderful interaction.

      You two are lovely. I’m happy you can make mention to her about all this.

      “I’m a man, but I can change, If I have to, I guess.” The Man’s Prayer is my favorite thing of everything I’ve read about the show. It translates perfectly to my thoughts, “I was a man, but I’m changed, because she had to, I guess.”


  4. I always feel the same way, in fact a few moths ago I left the room pretending to have something to do when a giantess sene started in that moana move my family was watching. I just feel like they will know Im into that if I keep watching.

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