I don't usually reuse collages for different posts, but I don't see the blog police anywhere around here. This came to me while I was thinking of something completely different, and is soon to become a major motion story. As in, my fingers will be moving in a major way. During NaNoWriMo. * * *... Continue Reading →


And so you shrank me And left me here Alone with you Who gets to sleep So I get up from between your sheets or panties or feet And I climb down the side of that mountain you insist on calling bed And I spit in your food Just a drop or two And so... Continue Reading →


“I like going to that ramen place on Tate.” “We can go there tomorrow.” “I wanted to go to Comic con on Friday. It’s a two-hour drive, and I wanted to get there early.” “We’ll see what I have planned for the weekend. I’d like to go to the Air Show instead.” “I had already... Continue Reading →


This is driving me nuts. I'm working on a story right now, and there's this tiny detail I need to get into in order to continue it, and I'm stuck because I can't find the answer. An airman executes a HALO jump, and lands. As you know, superheavy rucksack with all his gear. AND his... Continue Reading →

Pillows for tinies…

I'm getting ready to start one of my many writing projects, but before I do I wanted to mention this to you.... Most of you own at least one pillow. Pillows are great. I don't have a pillow fetish, but I'm always on the search for the next great pillow. If I suddenly experienced a... Continue Reading →


“Why am I stretching?” “Shh...” “It’s not as though I’m going to get any taller.” “Please, be quiet.” “I don’t like yoga.” “That’s not yoga. We’re not doing yoga.” “Then what are we doing?” “We’re relaxing.” “Can’t we relax indoors?” “Do you know why I brought you to the beach in the middle of October?”... Continue Reading →

The ABCs Game – F is for Farts

I... don't know where I'm going with this. I'm thinking about it now, and you are just sitting there, so you might as well listen. * * * Gabriel Maurice Sanchez, experiment No. 132, walked into his psychiatrist's office and kept on walking. He only measured four inches in height, so it took him a... Continue Reading →


He sat in the hot car across the street from her house, watching her do yard work. Every once in a while he’d take a swig of vodka straight from the bottle—his lips numb as he licked them—and practiced what he would say. Every time, the words changed. He watched her as sweat dripped from... Continue Reading →

Temptation, Frustration

So bad it makes me cry. Wet bus stop; no one's waiting. My car is cold and dry. Alright, my car is not warm, and it was washed tonight, and it's probably dry, so that's the only thing that's true about that sentence. That and the frustration. Because it is frustrating to have these fantasies,... Continue Reading →

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