Up here


His star burns brighter
Than the infinite up here
I’m caught between skies

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  1. I feel privileged to understand this one. Feeling that special someone in a nebula of being and noise, but keying into that specialness, that “lightning of love” Rumi talked about. Like how kids who play FPS games gain an ability to pick individuals out of a crowd better, the shadow of a first step to being consummately aware of The One, even when that crowd is an entire planet.

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    1. Precisely. The notion of having the ability to find anyone on Earth because I’m a giantess and I can see everything from up here has always held extreme appeal. The idea of a man’s presence being “brighter” than anyone else’s is also very romantic.

      And the ultimate choice, the one of that incredibly tall giantess looking down and choosing him and not one of her kind; of preferring him and his size rather than continuing a life in the loft of her skies… it’s worth writing a thousand stories.

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  2. I’m grateful that you are up there in your benevolent might looking down on us with an ever growing set of eyes. I take comfort in your presence. Keep on growing and overshadowing all that’s evil in the world.

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    1. Thank you, Imaginer. You are very kind.

      Sometimes I wish I really could overshadow everything evil in the world. Everything from yard work to unruly heads of state. I’d make short work of them. I’d make everything better.


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