He sat in the hot car across the street from her house, watching her do yard work. Every once in a while he’d take a swig of vodka straight from the bottle—his lips numb as he licked them—and practiced what he would say. Every time, the words changed. He watched her as sweat dripped from his face, and soaked through his back into the fabric of his seat. He should have bought a waterproof cover. His bowels felt loose every time he saw her dig a hole, and plant a bulb. October. It was too hot for this time of year. The trees should have been nearing peak time, and instead they kept blooming, confused into Summer behavior. He was confused too. He had thought he wanted to kill her.

Instead, he watched her and felt his heartbeat step in time with her trowel, and her hands, and the way her hair broke free from her ponytail. Instead of looking at the gun he had brought, he looked at the way her jeans covered her rear, and remembered how it felt to be in one of those back pockets, sometimes for a whole afternoon. He should have hated her. He drank again, and coughed. An old man walking his dog was startled by the sound, and looked at his tinted window, and seeing nothing through it, stared at the entire car, making a point to glance at his license plate. Good luck; it was a rental. But he remembered how people were in this neighborhood. Everyone knew each other, though no one truly knew her, did they? Had they ever known she shrank men and kept them as sex toys for years, to then throw them away without explanation?

He cracked the passenger window again, rather than start the car and turn on the a/c. He’d done that for hours until she finally emerged from the house, gardening tools in that giant plastic bucket that was no longer giant; her head protected by the same pink hat that was one half inch (one foot and a half to him then) too small for her. It would be too small for him now, when before he had lain flat on the rim and sunbathed for minutes until she declared he’d had enough. Before, when he was her little sex toy. Before she returned him without a word.

He screwed the white cap back on the bottle, and willed his drunkenness away, knowing he would have to wait a while before he could walk a straight line up the steps to her front yard. How long, he didn’t know. He had not had a single drop of alcohol after she’d dropped off his unconscious body back where he had lived before she took him. Where he had lived before she shrank him. He had bought the bottle of clear liquid thinking it would help him hold the weapon, and face her. What a stupid fool he was. He peeled his eyes off her flexing curves and looked down at the gun. It wasn’t even loaded. He had never bought bullets. All that thinking about “killing her”. How idiotic. She was his owner. A man doesn’t kill his owner. A toy doesn’t kill its owner.

Hours passed. She moved from bulbs to broken branches and twigs, gathering them in the large green bin that was emptied every Wednesday morning. It was Tuesday. He thought back on their Tuesdays routine, always the same. That was the thing about living with her, being owned by her: the firm adherence to schedule, and her constant need for sex. Tuesday mornings saw him waking up to being grabbed by her giant hand, and rubbed between her legs until they both screamed. Or he did. He always ended up screaming. Every day for ten years, he screamed. She didn’t seem to mind; in fact she craved those sounds from his tiny throat, and she did whatever it took to produce them. Now he sat there and wondered where the PTSD was; where the tears were. The only tears had come when he woke up and realized he wasn’t with her anymore; when he woke up a six-foot-tall man, and looked at the stranger that had been his wife, and realized there would never be a giant hand grabbing him anymore.

He watched her grab a bottle of Gatorade and drink it in long swigs. She used to put vodka in those half-empty bottles some nights, and made him swim in the foul mixture until he was half dead and numb. That’s when she did her worst and put him in places no man should ever penetrate. Not with his entire body, anyway. That’s when he screamed the loudest and begged the hardest for her to return him to his old size. There hadn’t been a single day he didn’t ask her to take him back to his wife, his children, his life. She had always ignored his pleas. Why didn’t she know when they had become empty? Why hadn’t she known he didn’t mean them anymore? Why hadn’t she seen how much he loved his life with her? Why did she grow him back? He watched her finish her drink, and blinked away a few tears. They rolled down his cheeks as she hauled a bag of mulch and cut it open. He lowered the passenger window a bit more, and inhaled deeply until he caught the scent of bark, and let it inundate his lungs.

She always finished doing yard work when it began to get dark and mosquitoes were the hungriest. He watched her gather her tools, dry her forehead with a graceful swipe of her forearm, and go around the house, to the backdoor he remembered being hundreds of feet in length. Not anymore. He waited. He’d wait until he knew she was done with her shower, and had changed into something clean and comfortable. Tuesday night. What was it they used to do on Tuesday nights? They watched TV. And kissed. He wanted that again. He waited. He was going to beg her to shrink him again, and this time he wasn’t going to fuck it up.

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    1. Don’t be too hard on him. I try to imagine things from his perspective, as the man he once was, knowing exactly what he wanted, and that was to come home every night after work, and be with his wife and growing children. But in comes an interloper that knows exactly what she wants, and it’s that man. So she takes him, obliterating his dreams of seeing his children grow into adulthood, go to college, and visit him and his wife on the weekends even though he works then too, to be able to afford sending them to college.

      But no more. Now, for ten years, he wonders how they’re doing every day; he wonders how his wife is getting along without him; he wonders how long they looked for him; he hopes they are all doing OK while hoping they remember him. He hopes he remembers how it felt to be a man and not a toy, so every day he reminds himself by screaming at his captor, and demanding to be returned to everything he knew.

      I understand his confusion and mixed feelings when she does just that; when she places him on that front step and shoots him with a growth ray, and walks away. He got what he screamed for, but it wasn’t what he wanted anymore. Now he’s forced to deal with his own change, to fit into clothes and a role he no longer feels his own, and to try to ascertain whether he’s experiencing Stockholm syndrome, or a realization that the place she chose for him was his place all along. And a startling, burgeoning resentment because she abandoned him.

      He knows exactly what he wants. It just took him ten years as a toy and two subsequent years as a human to figure it out. That’s nothing. It takes others a lifetime to achieve half as much.


  1. This one really got me thinking. One thing is that this would be really risky unless you could somehow wipe the guy’s memory before restoring. Otherwise he might become a stalker or worse. Also, it’s an odd choice. If you could somehow give ten random women the power to shrink, I would guess half would do nothing with the power. Some would experiment, some would collect, some might do much worse. Not sure where ‘catch and release’ falls into the spectrum. I hope this story turns out well, but I kind of doubt it :0

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    1. Excellent comment. In the longer version of this post, his memory is wiped by the regrowth process, and he has to work very hard to recollect facts and truths before he makes his way back to her. That takes care of his anger and trauma to some degree, and only leaves behind the remnant of his now existing affection, which drives him to connect enough dots to locate her.

      It is an odd choice, and one I’d never make. That’s probably why I thought of writing it. One of the reasons anyway. And even then I could never do it from her perspective. If I continue with the story, it will become clear. Well, I hope it will.

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