This is driving me nuts. I’m working on a story right now, and there’s this tiny detail I need to get into in order to continue it, and I’m stuck because I can’t find the answer.

  1. An airman executes a HALO jump, and lands.
  2. As you know, superheavy rucksack with all his gear.
  3. AND his weapons. They are packed in his rucksack

My question is… HOW ARE THEY PACKED? Specifically his pistol, and his rifle. I don’t care about mines or grenades at this point. He’ll never get to use those. So he lands, and goes for his rifle. What does that look like? I could just write “He lands and goes for his rifle”, but that makes me feel ridiculous. I’ve been looking it up on the internet trying to find the answer, and I’ve found none.

Please to help me. If you have the answer to this or can point me in the right direction so I can look it up myself, please do so.


[Edited October 20th] Thank you Aborigen, Giantess Lucy, and an unrepentant Leafs fan for your help, without it and you, my story would have felt clumsy, and I would have been uncomfortable writing that part.



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    1. Except I did use the word “paratrooper”. Thank you for the video link, but it didn’t show a weapon being packed.

      I got my answer from ex-soldiers, and/or their descendants. As much as I like the internet, thank goodness for real people.

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  1. I was just impressed with all the highly detailed soldier and paratrooper action figures I discovered, in playing with search terms. I might have guessed there would be an industry in extremely realistic dolls several inches in height, but the astounding detail on their clothing and equipment was just stunning. I wouldn’t begin to collect these, as an industry like that automatically has “extra-special collector’s edition” markups built into it, but it inspired a level of professional lust.

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