And so you shrank me
And left me here
Alone with you
Who gets to sleep

So I get up from between your sheets or panties or feet
And I climb down the side of that mountain you insist on calling bed
And I spit in your food
Just a drop or two

And so you use me
Day in and day out
And leave me here and go
Out with your friends

So I break into your closet and unzip my toylike pants
And leave something in your shoes
You won’t even notice it when you wear them
A drop as invisible as me

And so you yell at me
Because I’m irritating
And say what’s on my mind
Tiny but not small

So I hack into your phone and text his number
Your most unfavorite ex, the one that did that
And beg him to come over at 3am
Preferably drunk

And so you keep me
And tell me it’s forever
I don’t mind; I kinda like it
But sometimes you piss me off

5 thoughts on “Bitter

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  1. He can never be sure what kind of reaction these little defiances will provoke. If he were an actual child, she would be obliged to set clear boundaries and respond proportionately and dispassionately every time he tested them. But he is not a child, and she doesn’t want to bother with all that. In fact, she shrunk him precisely because she didn’t want to have waste a moment on such concerns. Instead she lets her mood determine her response, if any. Sometimes she studiously ignores his tantrums, sometimes she indulgently tut-tuts to give his misbehavior the acknowledgement he craves, and sometimes there has to be a Demonstration.

    When I was very young, a friend’s older brother had this poster. Size fantasy inspiration can come from the most innocuous sources.

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    1. Sometimes I wonder what would be better: a shrunken man that constantly opposes his circumstances and manifests that opposition, or an easygoing one that is more conducive to peace of mind. There are good stories to be told, either way.

      That’s a nice poster.

      And it’s when non-size people are inspired in my presence, and blurt out fabulous ideas, is when I have to maintain my poker face most stoically.

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    1. I have no artist’s secrets! :D

      I found the background… at GC maybe? Then I used PS to isolate the “little man” from his own background, and placed him between the giant feet. Then I had to adjust his skin tone, get rid of areas that were too bright or not bright enough, cut and paste over him the part of her sock that’s at the forefront, create shadows, blur his outline to the rest of the image, and finally I used Prisma to apply a filter I liked. It used to take me much longer to create these images… hours and hours here and there, prolonging into weeks. Now it’s much faster work, but I’d prefer to get into digital images. Not sure if I’m ever going to delve into that kind of learning curve.


  2. When a little guy acts up like that, I can’t tell whether he’s hoping for death or smugly confident in the fact that she’d never kill him and needs to keep him around.

    I don’t know what I’d do, after the first few months. If it finally drove home into my head that my state is unchangeable, that my old life is gone and over, I don’t know. Would I become amenable? Would I make the best of the new situation? Would I learn to enjoy it, or would I go insane from the imprisonment? There are obvious benefits to going along with it, of course, and there’s no question there’s a lot of love to receive if one is open to it. But then there are those days of odd and uncomfortable requests, unreasonable demands, as though being dared into rebelling, seeing how much I can tolerate all over again.

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