Tuesday Night News…

I was checking my Twitter TL today when I spotted this tweet, by talented author Taedis. Naturally, I had to snag the image and make it better. It doesn’t quite reflect my thoughts; it simply tells a Size story in a way the original cannot.
In other news, my blog is moving up in the world, as now I get visitors that search for:

I’m certainly referring to the second search phrase since the first one has been a given since the beginning of this blog. Now, some of you may ask, “but Undersquid, that’s a terrible word. Whatever do you mean when you say your blog is moving up in the world?” To which I respond, “never mind, little ones. It will all become clear in subsequent blog entries”.

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  1. Much better, indeed. I’m afraid I can’t read the last word balloon without attributing it to the bird.

    Congrats on your search engine optimization. I’m genuinely on-edge waiting for your response.

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    1. That bird. The expression on its face. I wanted to include dialogue for it, a promise to the little ones that it too was invited to the picnic. In the end it just seemed too much.

      Thank you.


    1. Oddly enough, fictional picnic chicken only makes me think of “To Catch a Thief”. That would be a perfect movie to remake with a shrunken man as John Robie. What’s more perfect an occupation in the shrunken underbelly than cat mouse burglar?

      A tiny man who’s both a war hero and a thief, and smells like chicken grease? I’d watch that movie.


  2. I just wanted to mention that “The Rape of Gulliver” is a term used in literature studies regarding the scene in Gulliver’s Travels Book II (Voyage to Brobdingnag), Chapter 5, in which “Grildrig” (Gulliver) is taken by Glumdalclitch to visit The Maids of Honour.

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    1. Thank you, Jean. I’m not sure how many times I read the book as a child, that part never seemed inappropriate to me. I should get a new copy now that I can read it in English.


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