Cruel January 2018

“Beach Play” by RLD

Remember this thing? It’s time to woman up again, whether or not I want to or feel ready. I don’t want to and I don’t feel ready, but I’m going to participate anyway. I don’t read Cruel stories and I don’t like to write them, but ideas are in my head, so I’ll enter them… if I complete them. I failed to do so during Unaware October, and I’m not being too hard on myself about it, but I’ve reached a point as a writer where I have an obscene amount of incomplete stories, and notes on stories about which I’ve done nothing. If I insist upon calling myself a writer, I reckon I better write.

If anything can put me in a Cruel mood, it’s probably being welcomed back into the contest while being addressed as a “fun-sized snack”. Feeling I’m the tallest woman in the universes and reading that I’m nothing but a between-meal nibble conjures up the very essence of cognitive dissonance. I’m sure I’ll channel that into the whirling vortex of emotions now coursing through my heart, so as to produce something truly despicable.

Anyone that wants to compete still has the whole last third of December to do so, and will be in very good company: If you’re a writer of Cruel stories, you’ll be in your element and challenged to present it viably in two thousand words. If you write Gentle stories, you can try something new, and see if you can redefine the genre and yourself. If you’ve never written anything before, you can start with a story for this contest.

As for me, I’m going to do what I always do; I’m going to type up the stories already in my head even if they defy conventional size cruelty, or even if they align perfectly with what’s out there. It will be difficult, bitter, heart-wrenching, and exhausting. But hey, that’s a Wednesday in Size world… what else is new.

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  1. Best of luck, Undersquid. I will sit this one out; I’m sure my idea of cruel is no one else’s. I did get an honorable mention (or maybe just a mere one) for Gentle April. Readers probably thought, “What the hell is this? Not my idea of Gentle!” And for Butty July, I was sorely tempted. As a big butt fan (you know what I mean) I just couldn’t think of a better descriptor than ‘Jello-like’. Tell you what, I will do the next one, even if it’s feet-related. ;)

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    1. I’m sure of the same thing, but hey, who cares? I certainly don’t.

      “Keep You Posted” scored well in several categories: Sweetest Story, Sexiest Story, Story With Most Interesting Twist, and Story That Struggled With Concept Of Gentle (along with mine), the latter being a matter of opinion only, and totally wrong.

      The next contest will be Gentle April again. January is always Cruel, April is always Gentle, and July and October will be voted on (as far as I know). I look forward to participating alongside such talented writers as yourself.

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