Craigslist: Shrinking Potions

Admit it. You want one.

It’s the weekend, I’m doing laundry and contemplating writing, and I hadn’t done one of these in a while. For many years I’ve thought of every possible ingredient I could use to develop a working shrinking formula. It’s all nonsense, of course… but I enjoy letting my mind sink its teeth into the notion. How would I do it? I’d wait for a full moon, of course. I’d light the right candles in my living room (back yard would be better, but not if I plan to be naked during the “ritual”) after taking a bath with a sliced potato I then bury. Or eat. Though I definitely will eat the potato before taking a bath with it.

As to the ingredients? All equal parts:

  • Sugar
  • The best tequila I can afford
  • My sweat (or better)
  • My breath
  • Vitamin C
  • Distilled water
  • Chocolate
  • Rain from a great day

It’s all for fun, obviously. But what if it worked? The tricky part is the delivery, of course. Will it work topically, or do I have to figure out a way for my target to ingest it? What fabulous problems I invent for myself.

12 thoughts on “Craigslist: Shrinking Potions

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    1. Lip gloss would certainly be a top choice if the target is someone you know. The tricky part is a delivery system that can be implemented on someone the shrinker has only just seen or met.


  1. I love the idea of this, it’s highly creative. Easy enough to say “aliens came down and zapped them and made them big/small,” but I like this process of imagining the origin of the process. Some supplemental material for AD&D played with the concept of not just stocking a dungeon with magic items that came from “somewhere” but making them play a part in their creation. This reminds me of that: brainstorming what the most reasonable ingredients and conditions would be to manufacture a shrinking potion. What a wonderful idea to play with.

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    1. Yes! The origin story of the origin story. I started making “potions” when I was a child, and now channeling that brain energy into pondering what on Earth could possibly cause that impossible, miraculous effect is only par for the course. The possibilities are limitless when the result doesn’t exist.

      OR DOES IT?

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      1. It was called The Apprentice, circa 2001. Oh, bummer, it’s not on my hard drive or the web. I did post it on the DX gentle gts message board and that other one, with the purple background. Does that help? :)

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    1. Oh, yay! Going to look!

      I don’t see any new [old] stories, but I might as well save the ones I see here that I don’t have. I should create an unauthorized website with all my favorite stories, where I shun and flame all authors I don’t like. :D

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