For Sale

“littleman3” by Sardax

Alone, you stand

in that glass cage

a price on your head

and on the rest of your body

your gaze lost to the rest of the world

turned inward to some safe place

because outside you’re for sale

clearance-priced flesh

a segregate, a cast-off

unsuccessful, returned for a refund, unwanted

But here I stand

my wallet as open as my heart

I see you standing alone

the last one on display

and you move me

I choose you

above all others

below market price

a store’s trash is a woman’s treasure

I buy what’s already mine

my property

I bought others before

unsuccessful refunded unwanted

but not you

you are perfect

in that glass that makes your walls

I want to give you a different world

my world

I buy you

a shopping bag your womb

to a new world

I’m now your world

your gaze lifts, cast down before

your face, aimed at my height

casting the shadow of a promise

that things will be different now

you are no longer in nesbted [?]

you are no longer for sale

I own you and the threads of that sale

weave your purpose

you’re here for me

you exist for me

every cell of your body belongs to me

fill the corners of your mouth

lips swollen with a smile

they’ll kiss me soon

whether you want to or not

I’m not here to reason your purpose

I’ve given it to you

accept it or fight it

I don’t give a fuck

because now at least

your heart beats in flesh

when it never beat in glass

when you were for sale

* * *

If you’d like to read the original text as written when I was wasted, you may do so here.

8 thoughts on “For Sale

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  1. i donguve a fuvk I think this spelling is the more expressive. “Tongue”? “Dong”? Something along those lines.

    His pose says it all. I’m fairly certain he’s soiled the wood chips. The scent of submission.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My drunken spelling is something, alright. So many writers can keep on hammering away at the keyboard without missing a beat, but I haven’t managed that yet. I do like (and saved) the original rendition, as it reminds me of that moment I was trying to close my eyes and rest, and all I could see and feel where the words above.


      1. I had parsed “in nesbted” as “indebted.” “Nested” and “nestled” don’t work, because he is very much going to be those.

        I’m glad you kept the original. This may or may not have been the proper piece for it, but there is a genuine heedlessness that is communicated by refusing to correct one’s errors. All of us donguve a fuvk at one time or another.

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  2. I found both the pic and the poem chilling. I guess he’s going to a good home, maybe? I’d be nervous. And I wonder about the others who were passed by. Did they shrink back in fear as she walked slowly by? Or try to get her attention? Shiver me timbers. :0

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, he’s going to a good home, the best home in the world.

      I imagine in my world all sorts of tiny men for sale have responses that span the spectrum. Some cowered in their cages, while others ran to those glass windows and tried to make themselves as attractive as possible.

      “Shiver me timbers”! Pirate Day is not until September. :)

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