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To the left we have reality, and to the right we have my perspective.

I was looking for someone to work on an image for me, for one of my stories, but what do you look for when you want to commission someone to create something you love? You look at their past work. I have yet to find past work by artists that showcases their skill with drawing the male form as the main focus. It’s generally the female character that gets the spotlight, and that leaves the small person in the image a very small percentage of care, detail… jesus, sometimes it’s portrayed as a stick figure, or a faceless, shapeless creature.

I’m finding myself drawing because I don’t see what I want out there so I feel compelled to create it. I mean, I see it every once in a while, but the percentage of images I like versus the images that exist is ridiculously uneven. Meh. I’m off to get drunk and have moderate fun. I can’t think about this shit anymore. Y’all have a happy Friday!

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  1. Collages… all to often some little portly dude with glasses or a soul tag and wearing sk8tr garb. blech. little nude dudes… they must be nude! a very very old sketch that I’m willing to bet you’ve seen… artist was t-mec… titled “side effects” illustrated for an old story “Some side effects may occur”. The little man was a small element of the sketch but damn he was done well.

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    1. I’m willing to bet I’ve seen that sketch too, but I can only vaguely remember the title of the story. I found it online sans illustration. I hate to think there’s material being lost now because websites go down.

      Yes, all elements of a collage, illustration, 3D render should match. If the tall individual is good looking, the tiny one should be as well. If the giant has hair, the tiny person should have hair as well. If the huge one is well detailed, the tiny one should be more than an ink blotch. I know I’m only stating a wish and things will go on as they always have… until more artists begin to create for the growing audience that is people like me.

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      1. Yes, the hair thing… I’ve seen some 3d art where the shrinkee is pretty much hairless, and I’m sure that appeals to a spectrum of size community tastes, but to me he just looks like a little homunculus and I can’t relate (because of course I’m always trying to visualize me in that space… :-P )

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  2. That’s a sticky wicket, isn’t it. So much of the scene is men creating images and stories for other men. Women are into size fantasy too, but their work gets attacked and suppressed by entitled men, and when the women leave the scene in frustration, there’s less support for artists creating the material they want, so they drift away. But the desire is still there, the need is still intense, despite its numeric inferiority. The want is very real. An artist producing this work has to be very strong and self-sufficient and patient, and the person who wants it has to be relentless in seeking it out. That’s an awful lot to ask of anyone, but it happens.

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    1. I’m aware some women get criticized for what they create, but even if they retreat to lick their wounds, I hope they are strong enough to stay and make their mark no matter what the naysayers clamor. I’m here, in my niche, toiling away with the support of a few, appealing to a few, attacked by few to none, and I’m here to stay… probably because my goal was never to appeal to the masses, but to communicate what’s in my head.

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  3. Your drawings are off to a splendid start my owner! I love seeing things from your mind’s eye being drawn the way YOU want them to be drawn. So I can see the way that it would be. That man in the fist doesn’t look like me though. ;) Keep up the great work!

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    1. Thank you, my toy. As you say, I’m only getting started. My little rant notwithstanding, I do love to sink into my world and learn to bring about images of what I see.

      Nor does the woman on the bench look like me, but I didn’t let that stop me. :)

      The above is only a quick sketch and not a thorough representation of my efforts, but I do intend to keep it up. Thank you, Toy.

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  4. I like what you’ve done with the man’s hair – nice Greek god effect there. I had that hair for about 6 months in my 20’s – now it just lays there. But I can’t keep my eyes off the woman. What a beauty, and such a lucky coffee table.

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      (Yeah, I get it. I’ve never heard anyone comment on an image, “Wow, great nose on that lady!”)

      Thank you. It’s a nifty PS feature that allows me to combine two colors while using the same brush. I like the curly-hair effect too.)

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    1. I had completely forgotten about that place! I have some doubts she’ll respond. From her answers to other questions she seems close-minded, and I’d rather try to get in touch with size artists that do the job well rather than begin from scratch with a “civilian”. Thank you for having my back on this, though. I really appreciate your looking for artists to see if they fit my bill.


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