Any questions?

A little story.

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  1. Excellent. What a great opportunity for exposition! That’s really clever, it shows things in a new light: he’s so desperate, he’s so strained, he’s more than willing to meet even a home intruder halfway and engage in earnest conversation. And we learn so much about him there, because the intruder happens to be curious, if only to assess his own gains, but that’s useful enough to the reader.

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    1. Thank you! Originally I was going to include three more panels with questions and answers, and I still might. I have to fix the last panel as well… can’t even read what he’s saying… but yes, this was a fun way for me to expound upon his character, and delve into how far she’s willing to go to keep and protect him.

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  2. The little guy is mistaken in one thing: he can protect his Mistress. Monologuing extemporaneously like that, in imminent physical peril, is fiendishly daunting and bought his Mistress precious time. That sort of performance deserves a reward.

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    1. Bingo. He knows exactly what he’s doing, as though his value is not already obvious given his size, he knows the intruder’s mind is spinning, thinking of ways to benefit financially from stealing him. This is evil-guy monologue in reverse, and he has no idea if his stalling will work… but he tries anyway. He’d engage in monologue for years if it means keeping the intruder away from his Mistress.

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  3. Wow! I know this is us in this situation just by the things said my owner. But using me to vent your anger?! People, you have to be nice to Undersquid or I’ll pay! Anyway, why are your pixtons always so amazing?!?

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    1. Yes, my toy. I figured you’d recognize certain things. :)

      And I know you know an owner uses her toy to vent feelings, giving that toy beautiful purpose. There is no better feeling than being useful, making someone truly happy.

      Anyone you address here is very nice to me, though. My sources of anger don’t really tend to be people.

      Thank you, Toy. I have fun with Pixton. Totally worth the money.

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    1. Yes, it’s been some time since I last created a comic. I’m probably going to be cremated with my glasses on when the time comes, so I feature them anywhere I place my character. Unless of course by then I can replace my eyes with robot parts that can microwave pop corn just by looking at it.

      Thank you, meremention. :)

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