This ain’t right.

I want you to get down on your knees and give thanks to whatever it is you believe is that higher power. I want you to know that if I could, I would grow and make this world be what I want it to be. I’m not one of those ethical people that tell you “Yes, I have size fantasies, but in real life I would never hurt a soul.”

I would hurt a number of souls.

So be grateful.

If I were to grow right now, the first thing I would do is lead by example. Taking men and using them for pleasure is not only legal now, but it’s right. I understand the ramifications, given the current climate and given my own existence as a woman… that should be the last thing I want for anyone to experience. Unwanted sexual advances? Yuck! Right?

No. Not right. Imagine that beautiful world in which I exist as I really am in my heart, a giantess that spans any distance by growth, a hand that reaches everywhere by will, and now I’m the president of Everything. There is no power that can stop me. So do I end war? No. Do I stop famine? Not at the top of my list. Do I get rid of crime? Nah. I pursue it.

My first act as giantess is sexual assault. Rape? Can you rape the willing? I don’t know. I don’t even know if Hopier’s really willing, but it wouldn’t matter. I’d like to claim that I would love to leave a better legacy, a true message of love and peace to the world, but I don’t. The first thing I do when I grow is travel for sex, tear off a home’s roof for sex, and rip Hopier away from his regular life for sex.

What does that make me?

Call me a monster. I don’t care. I’m happy at that height. I don’t need heating, clothing, entertainment… because I have him. But there is something here I’m not facing. Lately, I’ve been having really bad dreams about being chased. A few days ago I dreamt I was forced to hop from planet to planet because the Empire was after me. The emperor was a Sith Lord, and no matter where I hid, troops would invariably overtake that planet in their pin-point search of me (and my son… if it had only been me the nightmare would have only been a dream). During the final search, Obi-Wan Kenobi came to my aid as a giant (about three hundred feet in height) and battled the Emperor, who was just as tall, in order to protect my son and me.

I don’t know if you understand how upsetting it is to dream of giants and not grown myself. But then it happened again last night. I had a very upsetting dream about being in a Nazi-occupied territory (in current times), plotting against said invaders, defeating them, and having them come back with renewed force to murder everyone that temporarily vanquished them. Of course, that meant being chased as a woman and being murdered in the cruelest way. Was that the worst part of the dream? No.

The worst part was being chased by a giant worm that had romantic feelings for me and wanted to court me… and not a cute worm, but one of the disgusting-looking ones, and I normal sized. I looked up dreams about being chased, and the explanation appears to be that they take place because there is something in my life I’m not facing. Really?! That can be said about anyone’s life. It’s not a fair assessment to make, and it certainly doesn’t help me one bit. I don’t like dreams where something or someone is larger than I am, and I don’t like being chased when my true nature is to be the chaser.

So give thanks.

If I were to grow, I would chase Hopier away from his life, and I’m pretty sure he would not like it one bit if I show up, all tall and naked and demanding, and tear him from his life. Would anyone truly want that? It’s a nice fantasy, but it’s my experience that no one really wants to be ripped from their life, no matter what they claim. In turn, I claim to be gentle and loving, but I’m worse than the worst of them because I would really use my height to my advantage, without hesitation, without remorse.

I’m the worst sort of sociopath. I would show the world my crime as Hopier screams from the palm of my hand; naked, stripped from family, from loved ones, from clothes and work and chores and shopping and haircuts every six weeks and shaving and job and vacations. Think about the news as they report his giantess-napping. Think about the destruction of any army that tries to rip him away from my side. There is no rescuing. Any special forces deployed to pluck him from between my legs will not only be crushed under my foot, but their families will meet the same fate. As an example to others.

It’s a new world. And I rule it.

Get down on your knees and give thanks it isn’t real.

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  1. A short time ago one of those “If you could actually be shrunk-captured or grow-rampage” polls scrolled across my feed. My fingered hovered over the “Hell yes watch the door not hit me in the ass” radio button. But I skipped the poll, because that wasn’t The Truth. In this reality, standing over me like a 500 tall Giantess is My Family… and by that I mean Wife/Son/Daughter– nothing beyond that because my connection with the rest of them are tenuous and obligatory at best (one sib I would miss because she’s a total sweetheart… but I digress). In spite of this size obsession being a part of me from well before adolescence, I couldn’t bring myself to either leave them behind (in the case of being shrunk by stranger or casual acquaintance… the loss would be heartbreaking and it would be an absolutely Pyrrhic realization of my fantasy) or in the case of being shrunk and owned by my Wife (also very attractive, hopefully that’s not TMI) it would have to be with the consent of all three, because I couldn’t bear to put them in a place where they’d feel a sense of loss or illness from The Change. If I were single, that poll radio button would have been smashed so hard through the screen and into the next reality. So I guess in a way, my Owner is My Family. That doesn’t make me sad, just wistful.

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    1. Isn’t it something how family changes everything? In my position, there is a vast difference. Gaining the ability to shrink someone would not derail my motherhood (and it would probably improve it, indirectly), and having the ability to grow would only add a skillset to the daily grind that is to run my life.

      Likewise, if a button existed that I could press that would shrink every man on Earth down to the same size, I would press it with the full confidence of knowing I’m making the world a better place. It has nothing to do with the fact that I want one particular male of the species tiny. Nope, not at all.

      But as things are now, I understand your position very well.

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  2. It took me a tragically long time to accept that my size fantasies almost always featured themes of predation, domination, and the threat of gruesome violence. Very early on, I realized that I could never even try to explain these desires to anyone, let alone to a girl I hoped might share them. Everyone knows that controlling others by force is bad; how could I tell a girl that I wanted her to shrink me to the size of a mouse and keep me in her purse (or, infinitely worse, that I wanted to shrink her to the size of a mouse and stuff her in my mouth)?

    Oh, the hours of emotional energy I expended on spinning tales of protective giantesses and their dashing pocket-sized lovers, reveling in the preciousness of their fairytale affairs, focusing on saccharine handhelds when I was really just about the grabbing and the stuffing. I later learned about the erotic elements of horror, but I still never made the leap to expressing how deeply these desires affect me, to telling a woman that I wanted her to be my giant rapist.

    Now I write under a pseudonym because as much as I have made peace with my fantasies, there’s no way that I want my family, my friends, and certainly not employers to know that I get off to the most cruel and predatory scenarios. It’s only in the past couple of years that I’ve let myself conjure handfuls of tiny women at my mercy. I’m not exactly proud of the gluttonous giant I can become, but the positive feedback I’ve gotten from female macrophiles helps a lot.

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    1. I find no expenditure of energy towards the creation of fairy-tale happy endings is ill-advised. I’m very fond of those saccharine, loving, tiny-people-have-rights stories, and I can read them and create them in my head forever. As long as there is an antagonist, I’m in.

      I’m not sure what everyone knows, but I’m certain that controlling others by force is good, and right. Maybe we have thousands of years of human history displaying the opposite, but we have the same amount that shows too much freedom and the mob runs amok.

      Yet there is a contradiction between my convictions and what I tell people in real life. They only know I’m bossy, and that I like things just so, and that I don’t preface things by “I think” or “I feel”. When they find out that I would push that button that would make men (and some women) the size of bugs, it will be because I already pushed that button.

      The idea of having billions of tiny men despise the very mention of my name only puts a smile on my face.


      1. “As long as there is an antagonist.” My feelings exactly. It was something of a revelation when I realized that my shrunken-man fantasies corresponded very closely to the classic “damsel in distress” trope. I am perfectly fine with a protective and playful giantess, but it has to be in a world where most giants are not so protective, and even my mistress retains the capacity for abuse. I call it “the Boot of Damocles.”

        Not unrelatedly, you could probably be a contributor to this.

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  3. I shall count my lucky stars that you will always remain five foot whatever. Unless you’re 6 feet and over. Wow, you’re tall. Do you play basketball? You must have trouble finding clothes. Could you grab that for me? ;)

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  4. I think about this world every. single. day. I think about what would happen. What my life would become if shrinking became possible. Would I have a say? How much of my day would be spent being… ahem used? Mind boggling. It feels like this world has to exist, does it not?

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