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I’ve thought about the matter of consent many times, and in many ways. You, my readers, pretending you can’t read the neon signs between the lines, have also asked me what I think about consent. I’d started creating a poll on my SurveyMonkey account, but abandoned it as I got busy doing other things. It’s time I asked these questions, and it’s time I told you were I stand.

There you are, a person in this world, minding your own business. You got up this Saturday morning, nursed a hangover maybe, had breakfast with the family or alone, and set off to have a productive day. It was going so well.

But then you went out, and were walking back to your car or reading the ingredients in that jar of pickled pig’s feet (in which case you deserve everything coming your way), when you feel darkness envelop you–or if imagined by me, a beautiful violet light–and you lose yourself in it. When awareness returns, you find yourself changed to enormous proportions, or more to the purpose of this blog entry, turned into a shrunken person/robot/furry/ghost/keyfob.

But wait, there’s more. This is no regular shrunken hero’s quest, there are no tasks connected to attaining spiritual growth, you will not meet a wise old cricket that will teach you rad fighting moves and telekinesis so that you may defeat a formidable foe. Nope.

All that’s there is a much larger someone that wants to touch you, and the poll I created refers to how you feel about those advances. Some of you roam that tiny world on the warpath, undefeated in battle against those my size. Sometimes you don’t even die, or at least have super strength that helps you keep big ones at bay.

Others live in a (mostly) peaceful world where they have the same rights as those of last get size, or at least it’s thought that they should have some rights. Right? I mean, we can’t just go around killing tiny people, stepping on them  or popping them in our mouths like candy. They are people! Right? Don’t look at me; tell the poll what you think:

What about consent in a size world?

Good. Now I’ll tell you how it is.

I live in worlds where tiny people are naturally born small, and considered human beings the same way most people on this Earth are. I also live in/write about worlds where everyone was once normal sized, and only those of a certain gender or two are made tiny by force. Sometimes I’m the one that gleefully pushes that button. In those stories, published and unpublished, those tiny people are treated with varying degrees of severity.

And there are those stories centered around one woman and one man. She shrinks him without consent, she touches him without asking, and she has her way repeatedly without the least concern for his acceptance in the matter. That’s how it is in my heart and in my head. I don’t ask my shoes if I can wear them when I slip my feet into them. Likewise, I don’t write about characters that ask for permission to shrink, to grab, to love, to use what belongs to them.

I’m an owner by nature, and I let that nature drizzle over what I write as often as I can. I don’t know why I’m this way, and every once in a while I feel a hint of alarm the stems from my strong conviction that this is really who I am, and I don’t just play one on TV… so the people I create in my worlds are equally singleminded. They stop at nothing to get what they want, and offer no excuses or apologies afterwards. My one saving grace (if I can convince anyone to think of it as such) is that there is very little chance I’ll ever gain the power to shrink others or grow myself.

However, I’m quite interested in forcing myself to write from different perspectives, so if in the future you see blog entries and stories that play counterpoint to the aforementioned, just know I’m toying with my brain. For fun and growth. Maybe if my brain grows, my body will follow. Here’s hoping.

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      1. I responded as my fantasy-self, not how I would “realistically” react. I tried, as I sometimes do with my stories, to accommodate more than one perspective as to “whose” story it might be, and to explore how we might share fantasies. It’s good to see each other, even if some of us have to crane our necks back.

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        1. Either response is valid, especially considering we may never know how each of us would truly react in “real life”.

          I’m enjoying this poll’s results, and how surprised I am at some of the answers. I’m also quite pleased with how I can tweak future polls to collect more data. What purpose does that serve me? None other than to satisfy my curiosity.


  1. I answered. Consent is a funny thing in fantasies when one fantasizes about being taken. For a daydream of being swept off one’s feet and carried off consent can even seem awkward. Like having to fess up first. When my eyes are closed as you put it in the survey the things women do to me are ultimately my idea but I’m imagining it’s their idea. In a world where I was really Herman, I would probably be the one doing the asking.

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    1. Thank you Herman.

      Awkward, yes. And interesting how perspective shifts. From your end, things that are your idea take place because someone else is executing them. I suppose it’s a more intuitive flow, in a way, to imagine things take place because they are my idea. (Though from my standpoint, the tiny characters in my stories nearly always come to love their new situations.)


  2. Wow, as someone who collects survey data for a living, i have to say it: I hate doing surveys! But this one wasn’t so bad. And I’m glad the issue is out there, finally. You probably know where I stand after all these years and stories. It was fun to see the results, kind of restored my faith in my fellow man. By the way, survey aside, this was a very entertaining read. :)

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    1. Good goddess, it’s a wonder you didn’t pitch a fit during our GDC years. Next, on “Undersquid”: The Genie reappears!

      Thank you, I’m glad you made time to answer it. I had no idea results were visible to everyone! I looked and it seems I have to be a paying member to choose that setting. Other than that, there are no markers that allow me to identify the poll taker besides what I know. AND I KNOW A LOT. :)

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  3. I also responded in the fantasy context… it seemed to be suggested by the parameters described at the top of the poll. Looking at the results so far, it looks as if I’m in the minority (surprise! ha) as far as consent goes…. but #5 is actually closer to a split compared to the previous flat-out consent questions, depending on what’s in the write-in. Wondering if you have any plans to share any of the write-in responses? I’d love to see them but would understand if you chose to keep them private out of respect for the responders– even though it’s anon, I imagine it could be disconcerting to see one’s own words held out for inspection (hmmm… held out for inspection… yessss….). Also, I notice that all the questions were in the context of “you”… and it occurs to me that I would have answered very differently if the context was “a tiny” versus “me”. While I may feel that consent is irrelevant for me in those scenarios, I couldn’t bring myself to impose that position globally.

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    1. I’ve always maintained that the fantasy and real contexts are the same, since size-changing events are not likely to occur, at least given current reality as we know it.

      I’m also surprised the minority is a minority. I thought it would be the other way around. And no, I have no plans to share any of the write-in responses at the moment. I assume they were shared for my eyes only, and even if they weren’t, you are correct. I have no problem with shrinking without consent, but publishing someone’s words without consent? Nope! :)

      I’m interested in the reader’s opinion about their own consent, yes. The consent of the general population could prove interesting as well… I’ll have to think about another poll for that one. Thank you, shrunkbyher!

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  4. For more than 2 decades, since the internet opened a new world to me, I have sought somehow to delve into the world of macrophilia. More than a visual fantasy, my deepest desire has always been to know the “other side”, someone genuinely interested in keeping a man shrunk as his toy, his object for his purposes, without being exactly evil or cruel, just having possession and developing with oseria this world.

    No matter how much pain or frustration he would have, it would be kind of paradise to dream of this idea sometime, since in those more than 2 decades, prarissimas were the times that I could interact with someone to maintain the fancy for some minutes and really feel that would do part of it.

    I only knew your blog very recently and finally brought that perspective that I dreamed so much.

    Thank you skin present (sorry for using the translator, I’ll try to do something better next time)

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    1. Hi Andros, and thank you very much for your comment. Muito obrigada.

      It amuses me that when I entered the size community, I did it because I wanted to discuss my size of things with minds like mine. Much to my surprise, there weren’t thousands of women discussing tiny men/giantesses discussing men. There were a few ladies here and there, but their views were quite different from mine, or they were leaving the community or had just left.

      I’m glad what you’ve found on my blog is a perspective you enjoy. I hope to keep writing from that perspective for some time.

      Whatever translator you used is fine. I understand you perfectly.


  5. To me, it’s useful and interesting to play with any concept. We’re writers, we’re creating something out of nothing, and what we create doesn’t exist. This should be liberating, enabling us to shoot past any envelopes, rather than push them, and “transgress” doesn’t mean a thing.

    The only conflict comes up when a reader has an expectation of the writer. Sometimes that’s justified, like “I’ve been reading you for ten years and it feels like you’re slipping,” though I can’t recall any situation of such dedication and diligence. Most of the time it’s not: some entitled fuck informing a writer “this isn’t what I’m into,” as though the world has been spinning around this asshole’s desires and everyone is psychically tuned into his cock. So when we writers post things that those readers aren’t into, the correct response is to silently walk away, make room for the viewers who are into this.

    You’ve written stories that won’t see the light of day, perhaps, due to content. I have as well, dangerous ideas that I needed to explore but absolutely mustn’t share for moral reasons. But they had to be thought about and worked out on a page, they had to.

    I react to your ideas of consent. Sometimes I’m a voyeur and it’s all magnificent, and sometimes I’m a tiny person and my blood chills. Like, it sounds good up to a point, but then there’s inevitably a scenario in which I have certain needs (rest, food) and you have certain needs, and I am not a consideration, and the very concept of discussion is irrelevant to the point of absurdity. That’s my honest reaction, but it denotes no responsibility on your part. You must continue to write this world, and for all my self-defensiveness, I still enjoy the hell out of it. I’m glad it exists, I’m glad something digs deep to elicit this reaction. I cherish it.


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