Missing Countries, part 50


Today has been both a great day and a shitty day. On the plus side, I’m enjoying all your answers to my Consent poll and received a comic book I’ve been waiting to read for months. I looked for a proper wrap dress I can wear to the opera and I didn’t have any luck but found a comfy dress I can wear to the store, and they have it in my color. My cats are well, my son is asleep, and I’m sitting here calming my upsetness with lovely streams of sound flooding my ears, and with a modest dosage of vodka, and some writing. A perfect way to end a roller-coaster of a day.

As you know from the detailed Undersquid files you’ve memorized, I’m keeping track of every country that continues to fail to visit my blog. At some point, there were fifty-two of them, which became fifty-one countries sometime in November of last year. On March 21st of this year, Turkmenistan was added to the list of countries currently safe from my terrible rage.

What makes someone from there visit my blog? I hope it’s a deep affection for giant women, or tiny men, or giant and tiny anythings, to be honest. I keep waiting for someone from the Vatican to visit and spend forty-five minutes reading all posts related to ownership, but no such fortune so far.

“Check it out.” “Oh, is that the latest AmGiPi? Nice.” “How can he breathe under all that?” “He can’t, of course.” “Man, that’s hot.”

I’m patient. I’m waiting. All your countries is belong to me. In the meantime, welcome to the fold, Turkmenistan. Giantesses may roam free there, and endless numbers of men will now be shrunken there as well. Alright, I’m done here. I’m going to go enjoy my light buzz and go work on my shrinking formula. I don’t think I’ve tried adding vodka to it. What? I have? You lie. Don’t lie to me. People that lie to me don’t fare very well in the future squidtopia that will encompass the land like so many firm tentacles.

2 thoughts on “Missing Countries, part 50

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  1. That’s a delightful idea. I should keep a countdown of nations that haven’t found me yet.

    I suspect some have because I’ve called them out specifically. Bulgaria, for one. The right keywords can attract a few attentive eyes, I think. If I ever got DPRK to tune in, that would be my holy grail, I think. Probably not for another ten years, though.

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    1. Do it! It’s fun. I plan to conquer every known territory before I kick the bucket. DPRK is part of that. I’ve had similar thoughts to yours. I guess we’re going to have to keep blogging for another ten years, just to make that mark.

      I’ll keep that in mind, using the right keywords. I had that notion when I kept mentioning the Vatican.



      COME AND GET IT, POPE FRANCIS. YOU KNOW YOU LIKE THE TALL LADIES. Vos sos un pervertido! Admítelo, boludo!

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