Project… what was it? Clusterfluff.

This ain’t no Project Myriad. Let’s just get that off your chest. That work is one of my favorites, and I’ve often thought of writing my own set of quick scenes. I even picked out a name I stole for it, but heck if I remember what it was. As soon as I recall I’ll rename the series because I can’t possibly call myself a serious size/fetish/kink writer of close encounters of the speculative kind, and name one of my works “clusterfluff”. Can I? Nah.

This is an exercise in inspiration. I’m trying to jumpstart my writing. The deadline for my #GentleApril18 stories is stalking closer, and I’ve written very little of my story/es. Ideas are not the problem. I have the stories in my head. It’s the sitting down and shoving them into this reality that’s proving problematic.

“The Spirit” by David Planeta

“So, we’re the two remaining survivors.”
“Yes. Everyone and everything else is dead.”
“Everyone except the giantess, of course.”
“She’ll be coming for us too, you know?”
“I know. Any ideas on what to do?”
“We have to kill her.”
“How do you propose we do that? We don’t have any weapons and you are extremely small.”
“I use to be a chef, back when the world was whole. I think I’ll make her a delicious pot of poisoned turtle soup.”

* * *

“Tiny People” (collection) by Mohamed Halawany

“Honey, I forgot to tell you that my parents are coming to visit today.”
“That’s great! I look forward to finally meeting them. We’ve been together a few months now, after all.”
“Yes, well… they’re very traditional, and I think they imagined I’d choose someone my size.”
“Then I suppose I better not tell them how we met.”
“They’ve lived in isolation and wouldn’t understand you anyway. They still speak the Old Tongue and not a word of English. It’s so funny, you’ll like it. I’ve been told it sounds like a rat chittering.”
“A-a rat… chittering, you said? Sweetheart, do your parents know what a mousetrap looks like? last night I was in the kitchen and I heard these squeaky sounds…”

* * *

“Tiny People” (collection) by Mohamed Halawany

“Is this your idea of a first date? Hazmat suits and an expedition to the Deadlands?”
“You said you like science!”
“There’s nothing sciencey about this place! And  it’s creepy. I’ve read here’s where the giants finally came to rest.”
“Yes, thousands of years ago, after they leveled the Earth quenching their lust for blood until nearly every human being was gone. Then they went to sleep.”
“And died. All of them. Can we go now? I’m hungry.”
“I’m about to make you food… but not before I tell you that they’re not dead. They’re only asleep, and only the blood of a descendant killed in sacrifice will awaken them.”
“Then I’m glad there aren’t any of those giants left to awaken them.”
“It’s a recessive gene. One you carry.”

* * *

“Tiny World” by Manuel Peter

“Good Goddess, I hate this job.”
“Hey, it could be worse. Much worse.”
“I don’t see how.”
“You could be working upstairs. Anyone around here that wants to make a good impression overhears you, reports you, and bam you’re gone.”
“You wish. No, gone. To work in the other mine.”
“Well, it sounds better than this one!”
“You know Boss loves euphemisms, right?”
“Right. Kinda like we’re ‘foot soldiers’ and this isn’t really cheese.”
“Exactly, so keep your trap shut or you’ll end up carting out heavy loads from somewhere that isn’t really a chocolate mine.”

* * *

“On the Tramp” by Manuel Peter

“Now I wish you’d turned me into soup.”
“And I wish she’d kill us instead of this.”
“Why did you have to joke around? Mister funny guy, started dancing and carrying on the moment she popped into view from behind that mountain.”
“What would you have done? I hadn’t fixed you into soup yet, or found a pot, or a source of heat, or enough poison to kill her. It was a delay tactic.”
“And you slowed her down long enough to amuse her. Now you have to live in a house she built on my shell, and I have to carry it–and you–everywhere.”
“Just… be quiet. And let me know when you find something poisonous.”
“She’s always watching. And laughing. You can’t think your plan is still workable.”
“No, the poison is for us.”

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  1. Yay! Well, golly, I enjoyed the heck out of those, the pics are a wonderful touch… ^^ …now, finish your GentleApril story or there will be…er…can’t be spanks, doesn’t fit into the theme. It’ll have to be pouty faces, the kind where the lower lip sticks way out, and you wouldn’t want that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! :D

      Indeed I want no pouts. I guess I’ll have to muster my creative juices and make it happen. Whatever leaps exist from uninspired writing to good writing, they are never made of no writing.


  2. Nice job with these. However…the second one seems really familiar. (I have a feeling in my mind that I’ve been here before.) Must be great to have so many ideas. I’ve had exactly one this year, and only half a one at that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you meremention. I don’t claim my ideas are new. It’s very likely someone has already written something like it. If that’s the case, the similarity is purely coincidental. I never look at story databases before I write something. Maybe I should.

      Your idea, or half of an idea, are you gonna turn it into a story?


  3. Absolutely brilliant. I especially loved the callback. That was a very nice touch.

    You’ve chosen such wonderfully evocative images. I keep a folder called “inspiration” that I stock with random illustrations and photos that seem like they have stories vibrating in them. Did you do anything special to find and grab these? Were they a random assortment? If you have such a folder, it must be an immense repository.

    Along with the humor, I treasure your darkness. The first “tiny people” story, the wry sting at the end, that was nice. The second “tiny people” story… holy boots, that speaks to something larger. Well, all these stories do: you’ve written blurbs for a collection of short stories. But his motivation at the end (and I assume it was a man betraying a woman, to raise a giantess at least) was such a turn of the blade. I tasted the fear of an innocent person coming up against the machinations of a madman with a grandiose scheme. “Tiny world” was a welcome relief after that, a nice wink to we in-the-know.

    It’s valuable that you recorded these. This is an important notebook.


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