Where it ends

“Lightning” by quaoarus

My optical drive is misbehaving

Like everything in my life

Except for my son and my cat

So I fix it

Because a giantess doesn’t only break things

She builds and she grows and she goes on

She moves on and leaves the past behind

Burning bridges with a smile

Like the one I formed that morning

When this body was born

But I was already here, in this world

Looking at the map of my life

Moving the pieces on a board that runs amok

Because that’s what they do

Life changes the rules and pulls the rug

And the rug under me was huge

It had to be

I can sit here and sink

Or I can grow taller and laugh

And think of how I see the world

Everyone in it a small toy

Everything in it a small toy

Because that’s how my brain works

And I love it

Sometimes I think of medication

Because sometimes it hurts

Would I change seeing it all from up here?


This is how I am

And when this body drops and rots

I’ll go on


And I’ll hold the tiniest thing

And I’ll love the biggest thing

And they won’t be any different to me

Because everything is small to me


So when you feel the air move and touch your face

That’s my breath against your flesh

When you plant your feet against the Earth

That’s my will spinning it

Look up and see the stars rushing by

That’s my game of lights

Lift your hand and say hello

And when you hear a distant rumble

When the sun winks from behind a cloud

When there’s a halo around the moon

When the Earth trips and dusts itself off

That’s me, saying hello back

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