You enjoy immense posteriors…

And you cannot utter that which is opposite to the truth.

If you like July’s contest theme to be butts, vote accordingly:

If you vote for something else…

I will find you.


14 thoughts on “You enjoy immense posteriors…

Add yours

    1. The only change that’s truly necessary is the average size of the general population, from current down to a couple of inches in height.

      Butt stories? There can never be enough. I understand your concern, of course. If you’d like to lodge a formal protest, please send an email to Include your home address, list of favorite family members and possessions, and a brief note regarding your greatest fear.

      Thank you,

      The Undersquid Retaliation Office

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    1. I’m not quite sure about that…

      It would be interesting to find out who among you wants to be the actual target of a giantess, rather than just witness one’s shenanigans. I wonder what those numbers look like.


    2. Well I for one have always thought you’d be the perfect giantess. Target sounds ominous but if the targetting is for catching and keeping only? I’m ready heh

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      1. I am the perfect giantess for my little Hopier, who is the only one that should worry about being targeted and captured and kept forever. I’m sure I’ve conveyed to him the weight of my thoughts in enough of an ominous manner, many times.

        I do hope you find your own perfect giantess that will threaten you, though!

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    1. Indeed not. Well, we did, indirectly, but #ButtyJuly17 was my idea. I’m not interested in female asses one bit, but the adventures that can be written about a woman and her tiny little ass toy are some of the most fun I ever have writing. Or thinking.

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        1. I will. I’ll find your little house with that sad little tree that scratches your window, plant my feet right on the crumbled stone wall, and tear off your roof.

          And then, you will finally understand.

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