Hug a Giant Day


“In my dreams she’s the king

I wanna be the queen

She’s got cookie brown eyes”

-The Presets

Today you spread your arms

As wide as they will go

Nurse your courage any way you can

Walk up to the giantess and say

“May I have a hug?”

Say it in your softest voice

Because we get startled too

Say it with your loving heart

I know you have one

Push aside your own desires

And drag to the forefront

The goodness in you

She needs it

So stretch your tiny arms

Nothing but thin twigs to her

And smile

Disregard the screams

Others don’t have your courage

Ignore those that watch the wheels

And turn her world around

Rip off your own clothes

In show of sympathy for her lack of apparel

And stretch your arms

“May I have a hug?”

She will always say “Yes”.

What happens after that

Is only up to her

But your life now means something

She reaches for you

She smiles, her hand warm

She hugs you back

And in that universe of flesh

You disappear in peace

You are now one

Your body keeping time

With the clock of her heart

You sink into her chest

And for the first and last time

You belong

8 thoughts on “Hug a Giant Day

Add yours

  1. Like I always say, From your mouth to Goddess’s ears.

    As badly as I want to hug a giant woman, so too do I want to be hugged by a giant woman. Best of all is to hug a squid.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s no distance at all. :)

      It’s all about that reciprocity, my friend.

      And yes, my hugs are wonderful. Actually, all honest hugs are, no matter their size. I once knew this guy who “loved” hugs but all he wanted was to crush women’s boobies against his chest. What a slimebucket.

      Liked by 1 person

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