Tuesday Night News…

I was checking my Twitter TL today when—the same as last time—I spotted a tweet by talented author Taedis. Naturally, I had to snag the image and make it better. Unlike my previous edit, this one quite reflects my thoughts with utter exactitude.


In other news, never ask me to write anything as a commission. It takes me forever to complete them. Sadly, it’s too late for some of you. Yeah, I’m still working on them, but goodness… it’s been a lifetime. I finally figured out why it was taking me so long to finish the first one, and that’s something.

Also, I’m rereading “Red Dragon”. I love the works of Thomas Harris.

As you were.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Night News…

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  1. A man who can cross galaxies confined to a single pair of panties. A man who can move planets struggling to keep his new Owner satisfied. It is a beautiful thought. Well done, Squid.

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