The Utterly Mysterious (Yet Sexy) Empty Pile of Clothes – Contest?

Kinda like this, but an actual pile.

This is what it’s about:

Imagine you’re out there in the world, and someone decides to shrink you. Someone anonymous, or someone that loves you, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you shrink. Only you, and not your clothes. So what happens to your clothes? They remain in an utterly mysterious, yet sexy and empty pile of clothes for the police (Or the FBI, because this happens in a few states) to puzzle over.

You, my tiny/giant reader, will gather a complete set of clothes—of any gender—you might wear any day of the week, and will set it up on the floor or ground (preferable un a public place because I’m a public-place shrinker) so that it looks like the wearer just disappeared into thin air. Then you’ll take a picture of said pile (no humans in the pic, please… just the pile). The photo has to be garments you arrange yourself. They don’t have to be yours, but they do have to look like someone vanished into thin air while wearing them. It can’t be an image you found on the Internet. Yes, I’ll check.

You’ll send the pic to, or you’ll send it to me via DM on Twitter if you follow me, or upload it anywhere and send me the link, or even post it as a comment to this blog entry. You’ll include a short description of the fiction you want me to write for you. What I write for you will be 1,000-???? words long, and about anything you want. Anything (no underage characters, Grape-Nuts, or platypuses). No holds barred. Go nuts. Inspire me. Challenge me.

That’s all. Get your clothes and camera, and send me something. I plan to publish every story I write, accompanied by its corresponding photo. Every sender will remain anonymous unless their wishes are otherwise specified.

25 thoughts on “The Utterly Mysterious (Yet Sexy) Empty Pile of Clothes – Contest?

Add yours

            1. “Bill”? There’s no bill. The hooch is government subsidized in exchange for all the work. Volcano subsiding, traffic control, tsunami wrangling, the counter-earthquake unit, The Manure Project, weather management, etc.


      1. I like lettuce too. Having salad course now, after the chicken and before dessert.

        I can’t see Oregon from here, but one more glass and I’ll be able to smell it.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oregon. Do you know what Oregon smells like? Drink one more glass and you’ll sniff out the trustafarians, the pampered animules, the dried-up grunge corpses, and… giantess fans. Tons of them. Oregon is laden with giantess fans.


          1. As terrific an idea as that is, I couldn’t possibly. My friend Ken* lives there, and he writes the most beautiful music. And I would never want to hurt all the giantess fans.

            *Real name; not an action figure.


                    1. A couple of heads of state, Grape-Nuts factories, the platypus, pedophiles, pistachio nuts, anyone that makes fun of the disabled, and whoever writes for “The Big Bang Theory”.


    1. Why is that? I kinda like the idea of piercings shrinking with the wearer, or the shrinking process being such that flesh passes metal as it diminishes, and all jewelry simply drops to the ground.


      1. Well if that’s the idea, so be it. Rings falling off is such an iconic trope (“Am I still married?”), but I’m not ready to burst earlobes (or anything else). Similarly tooth fillings and surgical implants.

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        1. Absolutely not. The pile is of your design alone. You decide what goes in it (as long as it fits the context of a human body disappearing). I’ve ammended my rule about the pile of clothes. They don’t have to be clothes the sender owns or wears, but the pile does have to be created by the sender.

          The whole fillings issue is one part I truly liked about “Downsizing”.


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