Not a family, but a couple interacting with an interloping giantess.

The idea for this story came to mind because of the image above. I don’t particularly like it, as three people in an image are not my cup of tea at the moment; but when I saw it, a scenario rushed to my thoughts and it’s very much something I want to tell. Also, beach stuff is on my mind because summer is going to run long. I ordered it as much, and I control the weather.

* * *

There had been very little difference in intensity between the excitement Tanya felt as a child when her parents took her brothers and her to the beach, and the joy she felt when she and her boyfriend visited the shore and spent weekends having fun and relaxing. Now, with all the giantesses around, it was different. It wasn’t that she minded their existence; it was how little her boyfriend minded their existence. Twice now they had almost died because as soon as they left the city, giantesses were so routinely seen they became part of the landscape.

Sometimes they were the landscape Jim could not stop watching, to the detriment of his driving, and to a degree that made it impossible for her to rest in the passenger seat for the five hours it took them to travel east to the nearest beach. She always had to drive now, while fuming because Jim could not hide his enthusiasm for those really tall women, which he had tried to explain often.

“You have to understand, honey… I can’t help it. Can’t you see how amazing it is that there are giantesses in the world now?”

You can’t help it, but all I see is naked ladies the size of mountains. I know all their parts because I have them too. There’s nothing there I find amazing, and I really wish you’d make an effort not to stare quite so hard when I’m with you. It makes my heart hurt.”

That Saturday morning they got up hours before dawn and started off with muted excitement on his part, and with stuffed up sinuses on hers. She almost canceled the trip, and she didn’t look forward to losing Jim’s attention to the lumbering presence of those giant ladies, but her desire to spend the day in the sun, to eat fresh fish, to drink until she forgot there were weekdays won out. That and hours of Internet research in order to find the nearest beach giantesses visited the least. Thank goodness for Yelp. The result added one hour to her driving, but she didn’t care if it meant a lesser chance of having to witness Jim become googly-eyed.

The drive was quiet until the sun came up two hours later and they could see the open fields—and the giantesses frolicking in them—on each side of the road. She almost turned around when Jim covered his lap with a throw, and surreptitiously lowered his dominant hand into the tentlike cover. She exploded with rage.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Honey, please… I’m so horny, and we didn’t have sex before we left the house.”

“That’s because I was busy making breakfast; busy getting us ready to go! I’ll be damned to hell if you’re going to jerk off while staring at fucking giantesses while I do all the driving. Keep your fucking hands where I can see them or I swear I’ll turn this car around and you can forget about having any fun with me this weekend! You save that shit for me, you understand?” She snatched the blanket with one hand—which sent them swerving slightly to the right—and treated them to a rumble-strip extravaganza until she tossed the length of fabric in the back seat.

Jim looked down at his shorts and mentally apologized to the small, damp spot on them. His need would have to wait, but he would keep what he had just seen fresh in a corner of his mind: a giantess waking up to the insistent ministrations of a partner’s tongue on a crushed field of hay they had just passed. Jim wanted to be the tongue, to be the receiving swollen flesh, to be somewhere between them, but he didn’t think he could adequately explain that desire to his girlfriend. She didn’t understand why anyone would want to have sex with a giantess, though the only way to accurately describe such an event would be to say that one was being had for sex by a giantess. Wanting to ingratiate himself, Jim broke the uncomfortable silence with a factoid.

“Happy National Orgasm Day, honey.” The look she shot him expounded upon his wrong estimation as effectively as a slap might have.


“It’s… ‘Orgasm Day’, according to what I read…”

“Do you really want me to have a happy day? Worry about my orgasms and not yours, okay? Make sure you do what it takes to make me cum today. Do you even know what that is? You know what, I’m too angry to talk right now. Just sit there quietly and let me breathe.” Tanya worked her window open, and let the screaming wind rushing into the car sing songs to her. When she was little she had heard songs in the air when her father lowered the car windows, and she wondered if there were wind people talking to her. Now that she was older she didn’t ponder such things, but she forced her mind to focus on the shrieking, interminable gust of air, on the road, and on the strip of sand waiting for her. She would deal with Jim’s cock later.

After hours of near silence during the drive and a fast-food breakfast, Tanya’s mood improved drastically when they settled in their hotel room and changed into their beach attire. She pointedly ignored the tremors that visited the floor, indicating the presence of one—or more—nearby giantess, and she forcefully ignored Jim’s roaming hands.

“No. I need some fresh air and a couple of drinks in me; then we’ll come back here to change for lunch, and fuck a couple of times, okay?” What could Jim do but agree? He was led out the door, and they walked to the swath of sand that was so wide people looked like dots where the waves crashed. Tanya looked up in every direction and heard or saw no giant curves of flesh nearby. She smiled as they spread their towels on the sand, and rubbed sunblock on each other. Try to get one of those giantesses to rub anything on you without crushing you into paste, silly man, she thought as she spread a thick layer of the white substance on her boyfriend’s back.

Hours went by, and they found each other laughing and joking and dozing off until Tanya decided it was time to start working on the interminable state of drunkenness that would be this weekend. She rose from her towel and yawned, the sensation stemming from her stretched face one of deep pleasure.

“I’m going to walk to the stand and get us a mess of beer,” she stated as she dusted herself off, put on her cover-up and palmed her credit card. Jim mumbled something incoherent with his eyes closed, but she ignored it. The moment she turned to walk away she saw the head, too far away to discern distance, yet clearly the summit of a gigantic body making its way to the beach. Fucking fuck shit, she thought, I‘m gonna have to get very drunk to in order to deal with huge pussies leaking all over us. Motherfucking naked bitch, couldn’t find anywhere else to be naked?

Tanya didn’t look down at Jim to check his reaction and bolted as determinedly as she could towards one of the resort’s sources of food and alcoholic beverages. Every few sand-kicking steps she looked at the town’s skyline and saw the giantess take another step in her direction, until their paths intersected. The giantess wasn’t wearing a single stitch of clothing, and when she stepped over a building complex and brought her foot down on the street where the beach stand stood, Tanya felt the shockwave throw her off balance, and felt her legs buckle under her. She looked up in time to watch the giantess take one leaping step over her, legs like buildings kick a cloud of sand into the air, and about a hundred feet above her, scissoring labia that wriggled voraciously. It glistened in preparation for… what?

Now with a dusting of sand peppered over her sunscreen-sticky skin, Tanya wanted to run back to Jim and make sure he didn’t gather her towel in a tent over his lap, but she realized that whatever happened, she needed mass quantities of liquor to face it. She’d be too drunk to kill Jim in twenty minutes. She stood up again and rushed to the stand, where people laughed as they gathered around cell phones that captured the moment the giantess had been their sky, or walked out to turn off their car alarms, set off by those seismic steps. Refusing to emulate them, Tanya stared at the basic food menu and decided to skip buzz-reducing additions to her stomach. Instead, she left the stand and elbowed her way to the convenience store next door; she found it incredibly crowded, but the refrigerated section was well stocked with 12-packs of repugnantly cheap beer.


The giantess had had a filling breakfast of a few cows, a farm’s patch of cruciferous greens, and a lagoonful of water. She had been very careful with her food and had gifted the farmer from whom she claimed that food with a generous mound of future manure. Now it was time for a bit of fun with people, and even dessert, if any of them were willing. They always surprised her with the oddest requests, but according to the most recent Compact amendment, no Level 5 planet inhabitant was to be hurt by one of her kind unless they expressly desired to be hurt. It had been hard on some of them when she explained she could only hold them, hug them, or kiss them. The law was the law.

She walked over their structures easily, delighting in the way their dark roads cracked under her feet. Most people were happy to see her, but she could detect other feelings in their hearts. She headed toward the surf, where she could feel the pull of many little ones wishing to spend time with her. The warm sand felt like silk here, and the strip was wide enough to accommodate her ample form, even when she spread it as she sat. She looked down and smiled at the rows of men and women waving at her. She waved back and laughed when some of them scattered at the sight of her moving hand, emitting tiny sounds that marveled her. She nodded at the courageous little lady who was first in line as it reorganized behind her, with Jim right behind her.

Jim was filled with terror and excitement. There he stood, knowing that as soon as Tanya walked away the ground trembled with the approach of this beautiful giant woman, and he had bolted to his feet right away, looking at Tanya become a tiny figure in the distance, one that fell as the giantess stepped over her, and got up without looking back at him. Jim didn’t know if that was a good thing. He didn’t care. He would pay for this for the rest of his life if he had to, but he had to at least try to say hello to the giantess. Now he watched her lift the woman in front of him, thanking his lucky stars he had the foresight to slip in place when the line in front of him broke apart. He understood that fear, but his desire overrode it. The hand that had caused that commotion could easily lift a truck but was currently wrapped around the woman, and bringing the only thing emerging from it—her head—to her lips, over and over again. He could barely hear the woman’s laughter over the sound of his own heart. He kept looking back at the spot where he had last seen his girlfriend.

When the giantess released the woman who didn’t seem to mind her bikini was torn in several areas, she turned her attention to Jim, who felt her gaze like a knife through his body. She reached for him and stopped her hand mid-air, tilting her head as though listening to something no one else could hear. She then lowered her hand, resting the back of it on the sand. “When you’re ready,” she added, and Jim swallowed hard, his heart melting. He tried to return her look, but the noon sun was a blinding crown on her head. The second it took for him to hesitate felt like an insulting eternity, and he wondered if she would push him aside for the person behind him. The thought made him want to hurt himself, so he forced himself to look at the hand waiting for him, and squashed his guilt as hard as he could. He walked over to the hand and lowered his hands on a finger wider than his chest. At that moment, he forgot everything and everyone else.

The sight of his fingers splaying and sinking ever so slightly into her soft flesh as he advanced stilled his breath. The pink of her skin pulsating with life made him think of her heart, as big as a room, pumping inside her chest. His shins dragged on the pads of her fingers until he reached the center of her palm. There, he sat cross-legged and waited. It took a moment for her to react, and she lifted her hand carefully, slowly, all the way to her chest. There, to his astonishment, she spilled him over the edge of her palm so that he landed face first between her breasts. Her hand followed his body in perfect motion, and she pressed it against her.

“Is that what you wanted to feel, little man?”

“Please, call me Jim,” he tried to say, but the sounds that left his lips sounded more like muffled barks and moans. She understood him anyway.

“I will not use your name. Funny things happen when we use your names. I’ll keep calling you pet names instead.”


She tucked her chin into her chest, and whispered to him as quietly as she could, “You can move a bit… if you want.” Jim tried to turn his head over his shoulder to look for Tanya even though he was buried in flesh.

“I’m not supposed to. I shouldn’t. Oh, Jesus…”

It didn’t matter what Jim did or didn’t do. She was stroking him with her heartbeat. When her skin reached for him, his body hardened where it should; when her skin retracted with her pulse, he fell back into her palm. There was nothing to penetrate, but he came anyway. She seemed to know because that glorious chest exploded with deep laughter, and her hand separated from it instantly. Jim was blinded by the sudden violence of sunlight, but his hands flew to his crotch. Tanya would see that dark stain and hate him forever. The giantess didn’t put him down, and instead reached over the crowds and lowered him into a crashing wave, pinning him in place with her thumb. As though washing a trinket, she agitated him in place a couple of times, lifted him, and gently lowered him to the ground.

Jim tried to say thank you, or goodbye, or anything else, but the giantess was already playing with someone else. He looked around, knowing there was hell to pay, knowing Tanya would yell at him, cry and maybe even leave him. He didn’t want that. He loved her. Tanya was nowhere to be seen. Jim wondered if maybe she had gone back to the hotel after seeing the giantess grab him.

But she didn’t grab me. I crawled into her palm like a willing bug. Tanya, I’m sorry! Where are you? He rushed back to their spot, put on his shirt and sandals, grabbed their things and ran back to the hotel. The car was where she parked it and their things were where they had left them. Jim began to panic. He had no idea how long it had been since Tanya walked off to the stand, but it had to be at least half an hour.

The beach stand! Of course. Maybe she had decided to eat something or was waiting in line for their food. Feeling better, he walked back to the beach, glad to see his shorts were almost dry, and there was no telltale dark spot on them anymore. There was a crowd of people at the stand, but no sign of Tanya. He caught a glimpse of something extraordinary in the hand of one of them. A woman was holding what appeared to be a living little man. Shocked, he approached her to ask to see what she was holding, but the man that stood next to her moved between them. “Don’t come near my wife, buddy. Find your own little dropling.”

“Sorry, man. It’s not my intention- my own little what?”

“Get lost, don’t pretend you don’t know.”

The couple walked away, and he looked around for Tanya again, now wondering if she had gotten distracted looking at that tiny guy. She wasn’t eating, she wasn’t ordering food, where was she? Jim walked into the convenience store, which was also quite crowded. He walked across the aisles just in time to see Tanya emerge from the bathroom. In her fist, she was holding a very small man. Jim could only see his head, but it was clear the man was alive. And wet.

Tanya was shocked to see him, and her cheeks turned a deep red. “Oh, hi honey! You’re here,” she said, turning even redder. Jim couldn’t say anything, but when Tanya walked over to him, he found a few words.

“What the fuck is that? Why are you holding it?”

“Oh, this? It’s a he, silly. You know the rumors we’d been hearing about little men being spotted all over the place, and we thought they were nonsense? It turns out the rumors are true! These little guys just fall off the giantesses!”

“Okay, awesome, the rumors are true. These things are basically body lice. Now get rid of it. Put it back where you found it.”

“That’s the thing! They were in a box, twelve of them I think. I only got here in time to catch the very last one. The owner of the store, the guy that found them and put them in the Free Men box, says this little runt is the smallest one of them all!”

“Great. Put it back in the box.”

Tanya stopped smiling so quickly Jim almost took a step back.

“No. I’m not. I’m never putting it- him back. He’s mine now. His name is…”

“No, you’re not supposed to name them!”

“Lord Kinbote.”

“Tanya, put it back in the fucking box, or I swear-”

“No. Never. I swear. You have to understand, honey… I can’t help it. Can’t you see how amazing it is that there are tiny men in the world now?” Tanya looked down at her possession, felt her heart fill with joy, and looked up at Jim again. Taking one step to close the gap between them, she lifted herself on her toes and planted a soft kiss on his lips. “Happy National Orgasm Day, sweetheart. Now let’s go back to the hotel and celebrate.” As always, she led and Jim followed. What could Jim do but follow?

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  1. “She was stroking him with her heartbeat.” One of the most evocative lines I’ve ever read, perfectly capturing how wonderfully overwhelming mere proximity to a giant is. I’m gonna need that towel.

    Given the obvious pheromonal effect that these new arrivals have, I expect our concepts of monogamy are going to have to be, uh, expanded.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Olo. Though all giants are tiny to me, I can relate to the thought of small-size references, and how they overwhelm the senses.

      Expanded. Yeah. Though I’ve always thought there’s a real possibility some women might find the idea of owning one little guy just… enough.


      1. Nice step-over, too. The best video depictions do a tiny POV shot that pans as the giant footfalls bracket the POV.

        “Scissoring labia that wriggled voraciously.” Alas, no video has done this yet.

        Liked by 1 person

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