“Selfie With Owner” by eh_lora

Once, somewhere not here
But a real place
There was a tiny man, as small as a toy
He was good​ and smart

He lived in a house that looks like mine
But it’s not mine
But it’s a real place
A good place

And in that house lived a woman
She’s not me
But she looks like me
But she can’t write worth a damn

She loved that little man
And the little man loved her
Every day they got out of bed (her bed)
And had fun

Sometimes they had fun
Before they got out of bed
This is true
This really happened

When they left the house
He was always with her
In her pocket, or her purse
In her panties, or her bra

They were never apart
Because she was never tired of him
He was always tired
But that was not her fault

Yes, it was
It was entirely her fault
So what?

Her friends thought she was crazy
Loving such a tiny man
Their husbands and boyfriends
Large and boring

Her family stopped talking to her
But she showed up anyway
And put him on the table
And showed him off

His friends thought nothing of him
Because they didn’t know where he was
He disappeared mysteriously
And was never seen again

His family knew
They received updates
Untraceable emails
Photos that didn’t look real

Selfies like the one above
Her teeth playing with his clothes
His body dangling from that hold
A shrunken camera going click click click

And they were both happy
I need to say that again
They were both happy

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