Empty Pile of Clothes – 5

Six troublesome men, and one troublesomer woman. Make a wager on the winner.

Time for another pile, and this time it’s not a single pile of one set of clothing, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, this one is different from the fiction I usually share here.

These stories are a great workout for my brain as I push myself to do something I’ve seldom done before, which is to follow a writing prompt that’s not necessarily tailored to my taste. This is a tough read for those of you that like gentle material, so please stay away from the link below if you don’t want your sensitivities to be assaulted.

The rest of you, enjoy.


Empty Pile of Clothes – 5

Caveat Lector – This story is unlike anything I’ve shared here before. The only reason I’ve produced it at all is my intention to grow as a writer and to stop droning on and on about my obsession to shrink a little guy and own him forever. Yes, that will always be part of me, but this story is not fetish motivated. Not wholly.)

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    1. Oh, my goodness. I was so tired when editing this entry that I accidentally updated it. I’m sorry about that, Jean. I’m about 600 words into it, though. Maybe I’ll have time to wrap it up tonight. Here’s hoping!

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  1. I applaud this exercise. Just as learning a second language helps you better understand your first, exploring unfamiliar aspects of kink helps you appreciate your core desires.

    I have to say, Matty’s “origin story” for her power and motivation were provocative, but it seemed odd to simply drop her relationship with her mother. That should have been a story on its own instead of a distracting teaser.

    I’m also unclear who Matty’s original target was. As deserving of their fate as the fratboys were, Matty wasn’t expecting them, so what was she doing there?

    It’s difficult to decide how much of a psychopath’s inner thoughts to reveal. While there’s a definite advantage to making them sympathetic, they should be unpredictable without being simply random.

    Face-blindness is a helluva handicap. Really hard to cover your tracks if you can’t be sure whether you’ve seen a witness before. Are we to understand tiny faces are easier for Matty to remember?

    One scary lady.

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    1. Thank you Olo. I had thoughts of delving into Matty’s relationship with her mother (and family in general) but in the end I had +3K words to edit and post.

      Matty’s original target was a part of the story I never meant to clarify. She was getting ready to leave the motel for that job when the noisy men got in the way. No, she wasn’t expecting them, having reserved the room they usurped for their own exuberant purposes.

      No, Matty doesn’t tell the little men apart. In the end she only differentiates them by observing behavior and choices of words. Maybe even the way they sound, when she can hear them.

      Face blindness is terrifying, but one adapts. There’s remembering your friend’s voices, even memorizing types of footsteps can be helpful with identifying others. Needing to catalogue strangers is probably very intense work.


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