Tuesday Night News…

Who wouldn’t?

Fun Ads

A couple of days ago someone shared a link with me to a series of ads that included a version of the above. I altered the male shape to cater to my thoughts and had a lovely moment to myself as I thought how wonderful it would be to live in a world where adoption of tiny people is possible. There would be a procedure to make sure there’s a good fit, and part of that procedure includes filling out a thorough questionnaire. Imagining some of the questions felt like taking a drug.

And then this one…

The above was another ad at the same address, and it’s a concept I like for stories so much, I’ve created comics and stories about it. I’m sure I’ll do it again, for the same reasons I like the notion of a woman adopting a shrunken man. What if there existed a world where men are made tiny intentionally, and then marketed as toys? I’d like to think there’s a version of me in that world, and she finds a perfect toy, one that’s a fit for all my needs.


This is not sizey, but I’m gonna throw it in here because who’s gonna stop me? I was walking home, and my route included a college dorm building. I could hear young women moving about and talking as I walked down a hallway towards an exit when I spotted a gorgeous white cat on the floor. I picked her up and she had glitter all over her hair.

At first, I was horrified for obvious reasons. What kind of monster puts glitter all over their pet? I was about to take her with me when I looked at my sparkly fingers and realized the glitter was natural, and produced by the cat herself. I still wanted to steal her but her human was working on a paper a couple of doors away, and she saw me holding her sparkly cat.

I left the building and arrived at home, where I went to the living room to pick up a basketful of laundry when something underneath the pile of clothes started working its way out. At first, I thought (in my dream), Yes! A little guy! But it was another cat, a deep orange one with a patch of dark hair on his back in the shape of a giraffe.

His hair was gloriously long and soft, and I didn’t care how he broke into my home, because I was keeping him forever. And that’s true. All of my cats have just shown up in my life, and I’ve never made the least effort to find out if they are “lost”. They are mine. The same way that man I might shrink one day is mine.


I’m working on eighteen different things: stories, incomplete series, collaborations, commissions, my idea for a size podcast, drawing, painting, gifts, size crafts, and all of that after recovering from my second worst writer’s block ever. It’s still pouring out of me slowly and painfully, so send me your good thoughts.

I’m going to keep writing even if you send me your bad thoughts, and despite my own. I was told recently my writing sucks… No, that’s not true. I was told my writing is not as good as it used to be; it’s angry now. Maybe. I just shrugged, because I’m going to keep writing no matter what anyone thinks. It’s what I do, like breathing. And pooping.

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  1. This reminded me, I hadn’t turned in my photo for the Empty Pile of Clothes project. Fixed!

    How does it feel to be so busy? Is it intimidating or inspiring? Is it a constant struggle or do you feel momentum building up? I’m very excited to see your wheels turning! Only wonderful things can come of this.

    Many great story ideas come out of dreams, even if they’re unrelated to what you wanted to dream about. I’m told many writers keep dream journals for reasons ranging from basic story ideas to insight about people and situations. I filled up two dream journals and noticed three concurrent threads in most of my dreams, which I don’t need to share here.

    But yes, please keep pooping.

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    1. Holy Mother of Footwear, your story prompt is more awesome than many stories. Word of the day: Whorl. Thank you! :)

      It’s not intimidating at all, as this is my element… it is inspiring in a different way… all this time I’ve listened to my muse and to no else, and now, for the first time ever in my life, I’m allowing myself to listen to other people’s ideas so as to write a story.

      I agree, dream journals are important to me. I don’t update them very often, but I have noticed a pattern in all my cat dreams. I don’t know if there’s value in what I detect, but I’ll take insight where I can get it.

      Thank you, I’ll keep on poo– writing!


  2. Glad to see you are back in action. I found my way back to your blog after lurking here in years past. As someone whose brain fires up at the thought of becoming doll-sized, this post was a happy find. I haven’t written a story aside from short scenarios yet but I may give it a shot, inspired by your blog. Being shrunk by a lover, her having fun getting us ready for a day out and letting her bind me down to the cardboard with twist ties, placed inside of a doll box so that she can carry me out into public without question. Fitted perfectly into her bag with the top of the box out just enough for me to see along the way. She may tell people I was a special find for her collection if they inquire, studying me over and amazed at the detail of this little doll but we both keep the secret as I stay still until we have a private moment. Our adventures ending back at home where she gets to unwrap her precious gift again, enjoy his size and being tickled at the sound of his little high-pitched voice as they share their fun together for the day, and into what the night may bring…

    Thanks for continuing on with the blog. I’m looking forward to reading more in the future :)

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