Empty Pile of Clothes – 6


Here’s my latest effort for this ongoing series. I have an indefinite amount of these I can pour out, but I’m beginning to think about stopping after I write twenty. There is over half a dozen of these in the pipeline, so people would have to stop sending me these. That’s another way to put a stop to it, I suppose.

Not that I’d want to do that. Even though forcing myself to write every day to combat the aggressive form of writer’s block that afflicted me for weeks is the right thing to do, it’s also been stressful. But who cares, right? Life is stressful. Getting up in the morning has the potential to be stressful, as is staying in bed. Managing my stress levels has nothing to do with writing. Anyway.

I’d also love to make my own pile of clothes, but torn to shreds because of growth. As soon as I find a tear-apart machine that can do the deed, I’ll start that series… with my own clothes, of course. I’d never expect anyone to destroy a perfectly good set of garments merely so I might write a naughty story.

What would I shred? Jeans. Definitely jeans, undergarments, a purple t-shirt, and gorgeous shoes. And somewhere on that pile, my glasses, tiny and abandoned. And over it all, a looming shadow made of curves larger than life. Yes. I love it! If anyone has any idea on how best to disintegrate clothes in such a manner, let me know! I’ll get around to that series early next year, but in the meantime, here’s this.

Empty Pile of Clothes – 6

6 thoughts on “Empty Pile of Clothes – 6

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  1. “The future crashing down on him.” Some people go their whole lives without witnessing such clarity, but everyone is fascinated when they do see it. Many seek it out without knowing that’s what they’re doing.

    “Teaching laughter.” Some lessons bear repeating.

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    1. I caught a glimpse of the future a couple of times. It was never the whole picture. That’s probably a good thing.

      Teaching laughter is one of my least used skills.


  2. Seems like it’s always the guys who want to stay 5’10” that get the shrinking. What about me? Jeez, the little Jim Toy is even getting his own leather couch, for those Andy Capp style naps. Give me that life, will ya? Good story, was rooting for Sasha and Jim both, hope they can make it work.

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    1. Well, you did win that guess-the-music-group contest back in 2016, and the reward was being shrunk, so I AM SURE it will happen any day now. Maybe even tomorrow morning! So yeah, don’t buy any new clothes, and you should probably empty out your fridge before you leave the house. 😛

      My goodness, I’d forgotten that horrid comic strip. I can’t believe humor like that ever existed. But the couch? The couch is good. In fact, that reminds me of an idea I had for a story/post/cartoon/ASMR video.


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