Empty Pile of Clothes – 7

What in the world happened here?

Alright, it’s time for the next pile, and the photo contributor only provided four words as the story prompt. That is quite a dangerous provocation. Who knows what I’ll write! What terrible things might happen to the owner of those clothes, simply because I was given carte blanche.

You’ve been warned.

The story will be posted in a few days. I have to write it first. And before I write I have to decide exactly what horrors await that tiny person.

— — —

Sat, May 11, 2019

Many months later, I sit here laughing at my own words. “A few days.” Sure. Looking back, I see that I worked on this story for about six weeks, from August to October of last year, and wrote nearly three thousand words. Here’s a sample of my glorious prose.


Spectacular, no? Yes, I wrote that bit when I was deep in the throes of cheap vodka. Anyway, I sit here now, in nearly full editing mode, and determined to continue writing more stories for this series. This time I’ll really publish the link for this story soon, and instead of confusion, alarm, perhaps a hint of shame, I’ll feel awesome about it. Perhaps too awesome. Maybe even compensatorily awesome, like those people that think they look fantastic driving a convertible…?  🤔

Sun, May 12, 2019

Empty Pile of Clothes – 7

4 thoughts on “Empty Pile of Clothes – 7

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  1. I’m really falling behind on this series, my apologies. The concept does have me thinking about how it might feel to get all woozy, pass out, and wake up in a vast amount of weird, slightly familiar fabric. “Dagnabbit,” I might say. “What in tarnation just happened?” And then I hear a voice…

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  2. Seeing the picture of the empty pile of clothes, the first idea that pops into my head is Imperfect Cell from Dragon Ball Z sucking the life out of people with his tail. But I prefer the scenario where you shrink someone against his will instead :D

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