Empty Pile of Clothes – 7

What in the world happened here?

Alright, it’s time for the next pile, and the photo contributor only provided four words as the story prompt. That is quite a dangerous provocation. Who knows what I’ll write! What terrible things might happen to the owner of those clothes, simply because I was given carte blanche.

You’ve been warned.

The story will be posted in a few days. I have to write it first. And before I write I have to decide exactly what horrors await that tiny person.


2 thoughts on “Empty Pile of Clothes – 7

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  1. I’m really falling behind on this series, my apologies. The concept does have me thinking about how it might feel to get all woozy, pass out, and wake up in a vast amount of weird, slightly familiar fabric. “Dagnabbit,” I might say. “What in tarnation just happened?” And then I hear a voice…

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