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“Alone” by umeumenoume

I’m third listening to “Bones” as I write, and I can see why I stopped watching the show. The fifth season’s first episode was a complete waste of a perfectly good Cindy Lauper, and it makes me fume it’s so dumb. I don’t have cable TV so I have no idea what’s happened in the show from that point on (aside from a few spoilers people that allegedly love me insist on revealing to me), so if you tell me anything about it, I’ll know the kind of person you are. >:(

What else? On writing, I’m striving to veer away from my usual trope, and exploring my thoughts on various other size-related situations I’ve imagined in the distant past, and recently. I’m always going to return to writing about that woman that wants a shrunken man and stops at nothing to get what she wants. That part of me is inextinguishable and will continue to be present in what I write. I’m just trying something new.

That new thing is… not really new. It’s been a part of me since the beginning of me, and I’m still maneuvering the best way to bring it into my writing. I’m not going to share every Dark Undersquid thought I have because some are quite terrifying, but you’ve begun to see hints of her undercurrent here and there.

In other news, I’m thinking more and more about my podcast. It doesn’t exist yet, and who knows if it ever will, but I’m amusing myself pondering about it. There “will” be songs, streaming of my size creativity, interviews with real and imaginary people, audiobooks, and all sorts of healthful fun. I’ll probably be booed off the Internet stage, but I won’t care and I won’t budge. Try to get a giantess to move one single inch. Impossible.

Also, I’ve been looking at footage taken by drones. When it’s captured as the drone lifts off, I get the best growth visual ever. It’s delightful. Do any of you ever grab your camera and film your shrinking perspective? And I also watch drone videos taken during flights over city streets. That’s my perspective. That’s what the world looks like to me, all the time.

I’m off to draw. Be good down there.

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  1. Frankly, I hope you do share your Dark Undersquid whether it be via text or podcast (which I am very much looking forward to!).

    A large part of writing – whether it be fiction or non-fiction posts like this – is as a form of catharsis. We all need to unload otherwise we’d be out killing people. So, we who are here and consume your work are like your bartenders after a tough day at work. We listen and nod and let you vent or otherwise express your desires or inner self.

    Ideally, the recipient of such unloading would be a loving spouse but those of us here likely don’t have that ourselves – sure, we might be married (or not), but we don’t have a supportive spouse when it comes to this milieu. Thus, we, your readers, assume that role for you – at least, regarding this aspect of your life. And, believe it or not, such as with this post of mine, you help fulfill that role that we need for ourselves as well.

    So, be yourself – always – and feel safe to do so.

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    1. A need for catharsis is quite real. There’s probably a vast territory where that desire to vent and my never ending wish to write exist together. The main reason I’m consider allowing Dark Undersquid to come out and play is that I want to become a better writer.

      To let her out (I really enjoy describing her as a separate entity) pushes me in a writerly direction I’ve seldom visited, and those stories have never been shared. Someday they might be, in distilled form. In the end, the largest part of me is one of love and gentleness.

      Thank you for your kind encouragement. I’m very touched by it. :) The best part of blogging is having the ability to share exactly what I want to share, at the time that feels right.

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